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We are above all a community of writers. But in order to enjoy doing what we love, we have to feel comfortable. Thus, we require this site be a safe environment. We welcome diversity in all its forms and support tolerance of all ideologies and walks of life.

We understand people get attached to characters or plots, which may create tension between writers. That said, we will not sit idly by while members stir up drama by bullying, badmouthing others, etc. It will not be tolerated. If you ever have an issue with another member, we encourage an open dialogue with staff. Please reach out to us privately on Discord or PM. We will politely and professionally confront and resolve the issue.

We also ask that you be respectful of other members with your discussions. When it comes to general chat, be it on Discord or in OOC topics on site, we ask you keep the discussions free of politics, religion, mature, or triggering content. What you discuss with other members in the privacy of PMs of Discord DMs is entirely your business as long as no member feels harassed in those private environments.

We reserve the right to temporarily or permanently ban members who fail to abide by such rules, or otherwise demonstrate behavior which does not support our goal of providing a welcoming, respectful community.


We wish this didn't have to be a rule, but if we find a submission that includes plagiarized content from any source, we will require the content be taken down. If it's a post, you will be fined the points you earned for the entire thread. If it's an application we will deny the application and will not refund the price of the character badges at minimum. If egregious enough, you may be banned entirely (e.g., ripping entire characters written by others). If this occurs you will be PM'd privately with proof of the plagiarized content and the reason behind our actions.


We require you have character graphics as part of your profile in order to be accepted. If you are not good with graphics please check out our graphics shops here or ask around politely on our Discord server. If you need help resizing images, any member of staff will be glad to help you.


Size must be 250x400 pixels. Static images only. No gifs.


Sorry, but signatures are not enabled. They clog up the site and inhibit the readability of what's most important: post content!

Other Images

You may have noticed there are several images used over the banner, on your profile, in your post details, and in each post header. The dimensions are 100x100 (banner), 200x100 (post header), 100x100 (main profile), 250x100 (main profile & mini profile). They can be static or gifs, but the common practice is to use gifs and it is very much preferred.

Site Codes

We require the use of posting codes to keep everything looking uniform in threads. We have provided several for your use on site only. For the sake of everyone's retinas, posting codes from outside sources (e.g., Caution, Shine, etc.) are not permitted for use in IC threads, as they can be intense to stare at while reading posts. However, feel free to use them in your development threads, as these areas are yours exclusively. When writing dialogue in posts, please use the appropriate species tags (e.g., [wolf]"Text."[/wolf], [human]"Text."[/human], [vampire]"Text."[/vampire], witch, ghoul, etc.)

Creating a Character Idea

Prominent Roles

We know, for some players, they often want to play a powerful leader of a canon group (e.g., werewolf alpha, coven leaders, nest leaders). However, this can often create an issue when that person leaves the site because so many members depend on them. Thus, we have decided to make these leadership roles non-playable characters (NPCs) or played by staff. We understand if you are disappointed by this, but we feel it's better for continuity over the life of the site. However, that being said, we do allow Player-Created Groups. While this is not something you will be able to achieve immediately upon joining the site, it is something you can plan, develop, and save up for.

Choosing a Face Claim

You may use any celebrity over the age of 18 not currently claimed. Make sure you check the face claim here. We allow actors, musicians, athletes, models or anyone who is in the public eye and have a large collection of high quality photographs available. We do not allow Youtube or Social Media celebrities. Models must be signed to an agency and if there is a question, online documentary proof must be provided.

All faces must abide by the 5 year rule. The character’s age must be within 5 years of the actual celebrity's age. We do not reserve face claims on Wait & Bleed. Face claims are first come first served. In instances where more than one player is interested in the same face, the person who completes their application first and is accepted will get to claim it. The exception to this are adoptables and non-playable characters who are already saved here. This is to spare staff from constantly having to find and cycle through replacement faces. For this reason, NPC faces are set in stone. Please do not message us to ask if we'd be willing to swap them out so you can use their face. The answer is no. However, in the case of adoptables, if you really like a character's writeup but dislike the face, the creator of the group may be open to allowing you to change it. This is entirely up to the person who created the group and their decision is final.

Shift Forms

If your character has an alternate animal form, please check the Shift Form Claim to determine whether the animal you desire has already been chosen. No two wolf forms should be the same. We will not accept the same wolf for two different characters. Likewise, guides are rare. Any guide that shares an animal form with another character is going to be in the same family. There should be no duplicate animal forms unless the characters are related.

Application Process

We use profile applications, which means our application process may be a bit unique for those of you used to posting an application.


Register two accounts, one for you as a player (aka "Alias Account") and one for the character you plan to create (aka "Character Account"). Your character account should be in proper sentence case, first and last name. (e.g., John Doe). If your character typically goes by a nickname, please do not use this as their first name. Use their full first name. (e.g., Michael not Mike). Your character account should be in proper sentence case, and can be any name you desire. It does not have to be your real name, and in fact we encourage you not to use your real name. (e.g., Wes).

If you decide to change your name, you can change it yourself in the user control panel by clicking "Change Username." Please check the Claims before registering to avoid duplicate names. We require you not duplicate alias or character names as this creates confusion. This includes slightly varied spellings of the same name (e.g., Coen and Cohen). Last names are the only exception to this, but only if the characters are related to others already on site.

Filling out the Application

Go to your User Control Panel. You can find it by clicking this icon You will find this icon at the very top of the site for easy access any time you need it. Then click "Edit Profile Info" in the sidebar on the left hand side. Read the directions for each input, and fill them in starting with "Species."

Do you want to see what it will look like when it's all saved? Click your character's name in the online list or at the top of the site and you will be taken to the profile so you can see what you're filling in. If you're not sure what it's supposed to look like when it's done, check out this example of Wes's character: Lowe Avery. If upon review, any of the fields are not filled out correctly, the admins reserve the right to make changes to your profile.

Adding your Badges

Go to the store and purchase the badges applicable to your character. At minimum, if you are new, this includes a "First Character" badge in the "Character Creation" category. Also be sure to browse the other categories to see what else you may need. You can also see an economy break down here

Submitting the Application

Once you have the profile application completed and saved, post here and fill out the code. The staff will come by and edit your post to say whether you have been accepted and bump the topic.

It should take no longer than 3 days for staff to review your application. While you wait, you are welcome and encouraged to be active in Discord and plot with others that way. However, please do not post on the site with a shipper, etc. until you have been accepted by staff.

Application Reviews

We will request changes up to three times maximum and if the application is not corrected it will be denied. We have high expectations in the application process as it’s the first impression we have of both you as a writer and the character you intend to introduce into our world. We strive for realism as we value the juxtaposition of real world events and the supernatural, and believe that’s what makes for a truly dynamic role-play.

That said, here are some common things we like to see in character’s history:

  • We want to know you did your research if your history involves infamous events.
  • We want to make sure your timeline makes sense. It's very helpful if you frame your history in chronological order with dates or character ages designating when events occur.
  • If your character is from outside the United States, please discuss their immigration process. We want to know how they got here!
  • If your character has a specialized job, please explain the training and experience required for that role. (e.g., five years of experience + to make detective on the NOPD).
  • If your character kills others, please explain how they were trained to do so and get away with it. If they aren’t good at covering their tracks, realistically they would be apprehended by police and you will be very restricted in what you can play in game from a jail cell.

Creating additional Characters

Your first character is free. Wait & Bleed has a point system which provides for additional characters. You can learn more about the expenses associated with additional characters in our store.

Prior to creating a second, third, etc. character you must have 5 x the amount of IC posts for each character. So, if you're making your second character, your first character account must have 10 IC posts. If you're making your third character, your first and second character account must both have 15 IC posts. If you're making your fourth character, your first, second, and third characters must all have 20 IC posts. So on and so forth...

Currently, we have an eight character cap. The reason for this is to ensure that each character you apply for gets the development they deserve. This is also the reason we require each character you make have a certain amount of posts before you can apply for the next. There is no reward for reaching the maximum number of character accounts, so take your time getting to know the character(s) you have before moving onto the next. Also, keep in mind that you must have at least one active topic with all of them upon any activity check, so please don't bite off more than you can chew!

We understand everyone gets excited about upcoming plots and characters, but you may not register a new character's account until you have the funds/IC posts to purchase said character. To ensure this, all new characters must have the necessary badges purchased immediately following registration. This should be the first thing you do prior to beginning the application process. If you have not purchased the necessary badges within three days of registering your new character account, it will be deleted without warning.

Canon Adoptables

Within the 'Member' section of each canon group, you will find a list of character blurbs. These characters are open for members to adopt and are a quick and easy way to integrate yourself into the site's plots. As incentive to fill up these character slots, they are only the cost of their character creation badge. What does this mean? It means that you can adopt a character with skills and abilities built-in that you would otherwise have to earn points for through game play. The badges each character comes with is listed beneath their blurb. Those who do not have badges listed are NPCs. If you are interested in adopting one of these characters, please contact the creator of that specific group. Please Note: Some of these characters are already adopted. If they are, you will see the player's name beside "written by" in that character's information.


The administrative team has outlined several canon groups to create compelling story arcs and enhance the atmosphere of the site. We invite you to read and familiarize yourself with these groups as doing so will help you better understand the world of W&B. These groups accept original characters into the fold provided they fit/conform to the criteria defined within their specific writeups. We understand that players often join a site with a face claim for their character preselected, but some of our canon groups have been created deliberately with certain ethnic backgrounds and traditions in mind. Many ethnicities, backgrounds, and sexualities tend to be under-represented in RP, or not represented at all, and we are dedicated to maintaining a higher standard of inclusivity. Groups such as The Cleaners, Los Muertos, House of Laurier, and Wasohá were written for this purpose and will not accept characters represented by face claims that do not fit into the groups' ethnic makeup. In the same vein, we will not be accepting original characters with histories that too closely mirror the storylines and attributes of our canon groups in order to bypass this criteria, nor will we allow player-created groups that we consider too similar to these established groups.


We have no word count. However, we require 300 words to earn 10 points. We also award an additional 10 points for 800 words and 20 points for 1200+ words. For additional words, points must be claimed in this thread.

You also automatically get an additional 5 points for making a new topic, and an additional 20 points upon making it to page 2 (16 posts).

Activity Expectations

We ask that you post once per month to "check in." This does not require you have posted IC that month. We just want you to post saying you're here and intend to stick around.

If you do not post in the activity check or in absences, all of your content will be archived "inactive," your account will be switched to an invisible "inactive" group that does not count towards our member count, and your points will be put back into the site economy. All of your stuff will be available if you do decide to return or need to get something, with the exception of your points. Generally, we do not delete content unless the member makes a request for it. To be fair to all members, if you request the deletion of a thread you had with another player, we will require that other player's consent to the deletion, as it's deleting a part of their history too.

We clean the site once per month after the activity check. That means any IC threads not posted in for that month will be archived without warning. If you want something pulled back out of the archive just let us know, and we'll get it for you.

Leaving the Site

If you decide to leave the site we ask that you donate your points back into the site economy. To do this, send your funds to the joint admin account. The points will be stored there and handed out to the winners of site events, given back to the people. None of the funds in this account will be used for the admins personal accounts. If you go inactive, your points will also be transferred to this account. If points are stored in the bank, we will change your password to enter your account to remove these funds.

Mature Content

Wait & Bleed is a Jcink premium board that allows unrestricted content. According to our host's terms of service this requires all players and characters be over the age of 18. If we suspect a player is under the age of 18, we reserve the right to investigate and ban them if proof is discovered. Despite the site's mature rating, we recognize not all players are interested in reading mature content and we require all members of this site respect that. Pressure to play out a mature scene will not be tolerated and should be reported immediately.

If your thread develops content that is considered mature please edit the topic title to read [M] for "mature" before the title. If your thread develops content that you believe may trigger someone, please mark it similarly with [TW] for "trigger warning." We trust you will use your judgment, but mature is anything with excessive violence, substance abuse, or sexual content. Profane language is generally acceptable and does not require a mature tag. Triggering content is something that does not fall into the mature category but may make some readers uncomfortable. (e.g., references to abuse, psychiatric history, controversial politics, racism, etc.)

Site Plot

They say history repeats itself, and if there's any tenant of this world we know well, it's that man fears what he does not understand. A different race, ethnicity, gender, orientation... are all capable of striking terror in the hearts of those who consider themselves “normal” and fear the “other.” That fear breeds segregation, intolerance, hate, and violence.

But what if the feared unknown was not a variation to humanity, but truly "other" in a way the world has never seen? What if those "others" possessed a power that ignited our fear of the abnormal into outright panic?

These questions became very real in the 1990s.

The rise of the Internet united the world through instant, globalized communication. Anyone with an internet connection could upload data online and share it globally. It was through the advent of the internet that the "others" became known to humanity. Beasts splashed across our computer screens. Evidence of their existence spread like wildfire, jumping from the virtual world to news outlets worldwide.

It could no longer be denied.

Werewolves live among us.

But are they human or beast?

As a werewolf rabies outbreak hit America in the early 2000s, the Supreme Court was forced to face this philosophical question head-on. The Court’s ruling fell, deeming werewolves were both: not quite “the people” that are protected by the constitution, but part animal, “quasi-property,” and a potential threat to public safety. Quickly, anti-werewolf legislation found home in every state.

Today, werewolf registries require driver’s licenses to be labeled “WEREWOLF” in red, like a scarlet letter. Local businesses are free to advertise as “human only” and check IDs at the door. The nation is becoming eerily similar to what it once was before the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s. Only now, humanity has put a pin in hating each other and united against a “common enemy.”

While hostilities are growing acutely violent in the public sphere, further discord is brewing beneath the surface.

Unknown to the public, the government has known about the “other,” actively researched and plotted to use them to their own ends. Now, they’re making it increasingly clear that they are ready to mobilize forces and squash any dissident non-human voices if the situation calls for it.

The werewolves’ dire situation has caused justified concern for safety among the other supernatural species. While they remain figures of myths and legends so far, vampires, witches, guides, ghouls, and ghosts are desperate to remain hidden in the shadows and thus escape the human wrath lashed upon the backs of werewolves.

Nothing less but their existence is at stake.

Each species employs a different strategy to ensure their safety.

Immortal, cunning beasts that they are, vampires have embedded their secret societies in the highest levels of human government for centuries. These days, when in doubt, they use manipulation and mind control tactics to pin their murderous acts on the werewolves.

Throughout history, witches have been actively persecuted or their existence denied. In modern time, they remain relatively protected and tolerated under the Religious Freedom Act. Yet, in the face of the werewolves’ fate, magical aspirants are forced to deal with the prospect of suffering at the hands of zealots, the indelible images of their kind burning at the stake could soon no longer be the stuff of their worst nightmares, but a modern day reality.

Meanwhile ghouls, while usually the rejected among the other supernaturals, feel safe. They’ve made it clear that they will take other species down with them if they are exposed and lord the threat over others, enjoying the mantle of protection the others extend to them.

The guides, spiritual shape shifters, have so far been spared due to their extreme rarity. Similarly, ghosts have little to fear and are left to watch in silent horror as they remain unseen by all but the guides.

In this revolutionary atmosphere, the question remains unsolved: Will the “other” be granted the same rights humans enjoy, or will prejudice lead all to a bitter, violent end?

The answer to that question lies in the hearts, minds, and actions of each one of us, human or not…

DISCLAIMER: As you may notice, this site premise may be politically controversial as it is inspired by some of the darkest times in world history, which may be triggering to some, especially victims of inequality, bigotry, and intolerance. Writers here do not endorse such regressive ideologies. This site may not be suitable for all audiences.

Site Timeline

  • 1978-1995 - The Stargate Project, a secret U.S. Army unit, was established in 1978 at Fort Meade, Maryland, by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and SRI International (a California contractor) to investigate the potential for psychic phenomena in military and domestic intelligence applications. It primarily involved remote viewing, the purported ability to psychically "see" events, sites, or information from a great distance. The Program had specialists, psychic head hunters that recruited those who claimed to be gifted. The unit was small-scale, comprising about 15 to 20 individuals, and was run out of old, leaky wooden barracks. The Stargate Project was terminated and declassified in 1995 after a CIA report concluded that it was never useful in any intelligence operation. However, some say the major players in Genesis Division were once involved with Stargate.
  • 1995 - The internet is commercialized in the US, forever changing the landscape of culture and commercialism.
  • 2003 - 2009 - The rise of social media: Myspace launched in 2003. Facebook came on the scene a year later and by 2009 was the largest social media site in the world. Youtube also launched in 2005, allowing for instant access and sharing of videos.
  • 2007 - A viral video of a werewolf circulated on Youtube, outing their kind to the public. Even then, however, it was dismissed as CGI or other doctoring. The legitimacy of the footage was highly debated in the press, but after a while, speculation died down. While the public may have lost interest, the government did not. They seized the footage and threatened the videographer into silence.
  • 2009 - By 2009, several videos of werewolves had come out, the evidence becoming harder for the public to ignore. Several videos were seized, but the government couldn't get to them all and conspiracy theories ran wild.
  • 2010 - A werewolf rabies outbreak swept across the southern United States and soon spread worldwide. Reported wolf attacks went from being a rarity to a common occurrence in a matter of months. Civilians cried out for action. The federal and state governments reacted, passing legislation over the next few years to deal with the "wolf problem."
  • October 2010 - The Honorable Mayor of New Orleans, Bernard LaBelle, age 62, was elected to a second 4 year term. He's one in a long line of Democrats dating back to the 1800s.
  • Early 2011 - Over the following year, wolves, some completely innocent, were arrested for suspected murders. Several of the more gruesome trials were heavily publicized. Note, during this period several packs hunted down their own kind, capturing and executing rabid wolves to contain the damage. It wasn't enough.
  • Late 2011 - So-called scientific studies that were little more than anti-werewolf propaganda went public, spurring further fear. They put forward the idea that werewolf packs were detrimental to human communities not only physically, but culturally and socially.
  • Early 2012 - A specialized subset of aggravated assault was put on the books in 2012 for those wolves who turn humans with strict criminal penalties. Around this time, prisons begin a period of reconstruction and retraining to deal specifically with housing werewolf inmates because housing human and werewolves together has led to inmate on inmate violence.
  • Early 2014 - Congress passed the Prohibition of Mixed Relations Act, prohibiting human and werewolf relations, and shortly thereafter the States, including Louisiana adopted similar state laws.
  • September 2015 - The United States Legislature passed the Werewolf Registration and Notification Act, which required states to enact laws providing for a Werewolf Registry due to the "significant danger to public safety" in light of several years of "senseless werewolf on human violence." Over the next year, Louisiana and almost every other state in the country, enacted state laws creating a Werewolf Registry.
  • August 2016 - The Morrigan pack is invaded by another pack from rural Louisiana and their alpha defeated. A war breaks out and the remaining Morrigan members scatter, plotting their revenge.
  • November 2016 - Apex pack members assumed new identities and slowly moved to Metairie, Jefferson Parish to escape registration in their home state of Virginia. They had a contact who worked at Chateaux Di Jon who agreed to rent them several apartments under the table and keep things quiet.
  • February 2017 Mayor LaBelle becomes a media target when his previous political ties to the ACLU of Louisiana -- an organization most see as wolf-loving alt-liberals who are unconcerned with the realities of public safety -- are unearthed. His constituents grow restless, leaving room for violence and chaos.
  • March 2017 - The surviving Morrigan wolves, reinforced by their sister-pack family from Ireland, ambush the invaders on a full moon and take back their territory. Irish born wolves, Liam and Bree Walsh take up alpha and restore peace to the Morrigan pack.
  • April 2017 - Genesis Division raided Chateaux Di Jon where the Apex pack had been hiding for 5 months and arrested them for failure to register as werewolves. Their arrests were highly publicized, their mug shots and the fact that they are a highly trained, "deadly" pack, made of ex- military personnel made the front page of major news outlets nationwide.
  • October 2017 - The ACLU and several other non-profit agencies in the region banded together to create an initiative called the Werewolf Rights Project. They are not well funded or supported by the general public.
  • November 10, 2017 - Apex pack was released from Angola after a little over 7 months in prison and settled in Westwego.

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  • THE LORE The lore at Wait & Bleed is a result of the contributions of Coen, Kink, and Wes.
  • THE CODE The skin, templates, etc. were all created by Wes unless otherwise credited in the source code.

The Inspiration behind the Lore

The werewolf prejudice and oppression concepts are based heavily on the struggle for racial equality within the United States, specifically the Jim Crow laws, which were state and local laws enacted in the late 19th century that enforced racial segregation in the Southern United States until 1965 and continue to stain our nation today. We also borrow heavily from the South African age of Apartheid, which was a system of institutionalised racial segregation and discrimination that existed in South Africa from 1948 until the early 1990s.

This is not an attempt to glorify such legislation, but to shine a light on the larger concepts of prejudice, hypocrisy, fear of otherness. We do it to raise an important question. If confronted with a new species, would we make the same mistakes?

The witch lore borrows heavily from Pagan Witchcraft ritual practices.

The setting is obviously heavily influences by the real life New Orleans. You will notice the same shop names and locations, but they have been altered and changed to fit the narrative and therefore exist entirely in an alternate universe.

Retired Staff

Kink is now a retired administrator but her contributions, while she was with us from July 9, 2017 - April 23, 2018, particularly regarding the creation of the witch lore, breathed life into the lore you see today. She continues to be a beloved friend of the site.

Kass was a moderator from July 2017 - January 2018 and while her real life stole her from staff, she continues to be an active contributor on the site.

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