Alight to a New Cage, Little Bird {OPEN}, Wendy Arrives | Charity Gala
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Wendy Starling
Apr 26 2018, 08:16 PM
Age 113
Height 5ft 5in (165.1cm)
Weight 130lb (58.967kg)
Affiliation None
Sexuality Heterosexual
Status Single

❈--One Hour Ago

The wheels of the plane seemed to screech in unholy protest as they were pressed into the runway. It was a noise that seeped into the very bones of one slim, pale woman at the back of First Class. She was a pretty, young thing, appearing to be in her mid-twenties with huge sunglasses obscuring her face even though the sun had set outside the windows. Wendy did not want to take any chances, not until she was sure that the sun had fully set. You could never be too careful... especially these days.

The werewolves had made the mistake of exposing themselves, and now ever other supernatural creature was holding their breath and thinking when will I be next? Well, Wendy did not intend to be next. She had been playing this game for decades. And, while not as much of a veteran as some of the others that she had come across during her too long life, she was still quite good at it. Having features to rival the world's top models certainly did not hurt things either... And currently? That pretty face was twisted up into a terrified grimace. Wendy hated flying! The sounds of the plane were too loud and the air was recycled and foul. Still, not a single complaint left her lips. It was over now. And she had to move forward. Onto her next role...

How ironic was it that her life had become a long series of never ending movies? She changed names, behaviors, and careers with each decade. Each new life was like spending time on a reality-tv set. She could act well and charm her audience but it was all fake. No one would know the truth, no one could know the truth. And that weighed heavy on the former starlet's shoulders. Heavy enough to crush her at times it felt like.


The voice of the flight attendant pulled Wendy from the darkened depths of her mind. Pale blue eyes flashed over the rim of her sunglasses at the other woman. A brunette with charming, large dimples. Probably chosen for her ability to make passengers feel at ease.

"Miss, I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to deboard. Do you need help?"

Wendy shook her head, doing her best to collect herself, her thoughts, and her carry on items. "Thank you dear, but I'll be just fine." She'd made her choice, there was no turning back now...

❈--Present in La Pavillon Hotel

The room was lovely, decadent and well cared for. Not a single cobweb could be found in the place! And yet, Wendy found herself languishing, her fingers curling and uncurling upon the duvet. Was this the right choice? To pick an identity so close to one of her old ones? What if someone recognized her? What if...? Question upon question threatened to drown Wendy. Heavy lashes fluttered shut and she took a deep breath. She was being silly. She had prepared for this and it was time to start over.

There was not much one could do when sitting alone in a grand hotel room to stop the wheels that has already begun to turn. The other board members of Lovely Hearts were expecting her. Paloma Wright, whose shoes she would be expected to fill, wanted to introduce her to everyone who had continued the lovely charity that she had founded thirty years ago. Introduce the grand daughter of the late "Moira Starling"... A nervous kind of energy was dancing along under the porcelain flesh of Wendy Starling: like the air before a storm, full of electricity. She always felt this way before starting a new chapter in her life, the turning of the page was always so dramatic in her mind: built up with years of insecurity and loneliness and anticipation. Oh, yes. Wendy sometimes looked forward to the possibilities that this world could offer her. That maybe, this time, she would find something to fill the void of the empty eons that stretched before her like a desert. It was maddening and inspiring all at the same time. But first, she had to get off the damn bed!

With a sudden florish of movement, Wendy stood. She strode to the door and locked it behind her before she would have time to reconsider. Her iphone lay abandoned amonst the pillows so that she could not chicken out and call for a return ticket to Los Angeles. The Lovely Hearts Charity Gala was waiting for her; New Orleans was waiting for her.

Dressed in an elegant swirl of gold and glitter and silk; Wendy Starling glided into the company of her peers. She was welcomed with open arms and firm handshakes, each met with a dazaling smile and the flutter of thick lashes.

"Yes I am excited to be here."

"It is a grand honor to be chosen as the next CEO of Lovely Hearts!"

"I can't even describe how I'm feeling right now."

And slowly, the world around her became quiet. The other chair members drifted away to talk to other friends and family. And with a single flute of champagne balanced between her fingers, Wendy found herself alone. Completely alone.

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