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Generally Optimistic - For the most part, Nico tends to believe all things are doable and achievable; maybe with a string in naivety laced with it, but regardless his disposition is one of possibility and the whole, glass is half full kinda deal. It's also shared with a sense of confidence, in himself and his friends and family and that general belief that everything will be ok and maybe it because he'd just told himself that over and over again because he has to believe it.

Empathetic - Nico has always been hyper-aware to the people around him, especially his pack mates; observant for the most part he tends to notice the shifts in people's moods and behaviours and isn't shy about questioning them about it.

Protective (loyal) - loyal though and through, there is nothing he is certain, that would ever sway him. He believes in respect and trust earned and those in his life he chooses to be around, have all got his fierce loyalty and confidence that he'd do just about anything for any of them if they asked.

Problem Solver - He likes problems, and challenges, anything that makes him think and is the kind of guy (nerd) that has things like rubix cubes and logic puzzles laying around. He generally tends to see the bigger picture in things and works his way back to the problem at hand; likewise his affinity to see things from all sides makes him a person good at talking at, running things past, sound boarding and he's generally pretty happy to do it.

Nerd - computers and tech are kinda his thang, there are few systems he hasn't hacked into; even when he's told not too.
Childish - any opportunity to make a joke, poke fun, use of sarcasm, whine, practical joke, generally goof around until told otherwise will be taken. Sometime even during the very serious times when he's supposed to be adulting.

Competitive - everything can be a competition. everything.

Insomniac - when he's in the middle of it, Nico is lucky to log a solid 4 hours straight without getting up, wandering around, exercising, working on a project or whatever else it is he finds himself distracted by. His insomnia come in 2 waves, the first being the kind the comes from an overactive brain, to many thoughts, and to many ideas churning through his brain all at once that he cant turn it off. The second, is the stuff that wakes him up - sweat drenched and out of breath. The stuff he doesn't like to talk about but knows it's always there in the back of his mind no matter how much he tries to push it away. He finds it easier just to pretend its not a thing, forget about it, despite how many times he's told talking about it can help. Nah, not talking about it seems to work for him - that's his answer, except it leaves him unsettled and out of himself for a while.

Protective (over) - He cares a lot for his family, his brother, the other member of the pack and as such he doesn't often handle any direct threats or attacks on the people he cares about all that well. He's quick to let his temper fly especially if its something endangering his brother and he can, at times be reckless with his actions all in the vane of being protective towards his loved ones.

Devils Advocate - Because he has a tendency to look at the big picture, and both sides of most arguments, Nico also, likes to raise them; sometimes just to piss off his brother (mostly) but also because he's a bit of a shit stirrer and likes a little chaos in the world. Maybe he would have had a good career as a lawyer in another life.
Nickname Nico, Thing 2
Played by Aaron Taylor Johnson
Age 60 (June 19)
Sign Gemini
Height 6'1 (185.42 cm)
Weight 190 lbs (86 kg)
Occupation Hacker for hire
Employer Self-Employed
Species Werewolf
Affiliation Apex
Sexuality hetero
Status Single
don't wake before noon
If you know what is best for you, you’d avoid Nico before noon, or at least avoid asking him anything that requires more than a nod. While the majority of the time he seems to run on an abundance of energy (or caffeine) that freakishly seems like it may never run out, that sacred time between first waking up and then giving in to the acceptance that the day has properly started is always a little rough for Nico. He wouldn’t be deemed a nasty person by nature, but his usual sarcasm and wit is traded in for much snark in the mornings and he’s not apt to hold back in worry of hurting anyones feelings.

Fine. Grumpy. He’s grumpy in the mornings.

Beyond that, Nico is a man that has not yet grown out of his teenage sensibilities. Everything he does, tends to have a running thread of immaturity with it. He likes to joke, and doesn’t take himself to seriously (to be honest its almost impossible to take himself too seriously with his brother around who keeps him in check). At time, his sense of humour can be a bit skewed as he finds humour in all kinds of things other people might not and is usually the one smirking or laughing when no one else is More often than not Nick is also apt to be the guy having a running commentary over the comms until he’s told to shut up.

Despite the less than professional nature he might project, Nico is actually quite good at his work and takes pride in it. To be honest, he can be a bit of a perfectionist when it comes the the stuff he’s working on and he’s got an ego to go along with the good work he does. The more challenging something is, the more keen he is to take it on - if you tell him something is impossible he’d happily wastes days upon days figuring out how to make it possible just to prove you wrong. Naturally, his ego also leads to frustration when he can’t figure something out, or, if something has slipped past him. However, behind the bravado of a job well done, the truth is, the reason he’s hard on himself to be the best at it, is because he doesn't want to let anyone down.

Nico has a good head on his shoulders, and is loyal to the bone. His brother, and his pack are his main priority and he’s not one to act selfishly (at least he doesn't think so); However, he can be and has in the past made some reckless choices in the vane of keeping his family safe even if it puts himself at risk. Post lock up, he’s become a lot more inseparable from his brother, maybe both subconsciously and consciously. His experience in the jail was not something he’s talked about a lot but like the rest of his pack, it’s had lingering effects - the kind that can wake him up from a dead sleep with chased images of loosing the ones he loves.

While Nico loves a good social outing, and is never shy to chat his way through a crowd, with everything he and his pack mates have been through, he’s not keen on making any ‘new’ friends these days. Maybe a bit more reserved then he’d once been, Nico doesn’t rule out all socializing and still will drag anyone and everyone out with him when he can.
1957 - June 19, 1957 Nicolas Marcou arrived in the world, happy and healthy and according to his brother, ruining the perfectly peaceful life their family had already established with their first son.

Western Chugach has always seemed picturesque, stunningly beautiful and most importantly to the Marcou’s a place that offered a home that was remote, tucked deep in the mountain terrane. They were always a close knit family, the land they lived on, passed down through generations in title, despite the fact the members seemed to live well beyond their years expected years. They were the kind of family that kept to themselves mostly, polite enough to strangers but not much in the way if mingling whenever they were in town.

On the outset they were just like any other family, hardworking, self-sufficient and completely ‘normal’, except ... they weren’t. Every full moon, as a family they turned and roamed the mountains and forests of Chugach.

It started with their grandparents George and Annabelle Marcou, newly married and moved to the United States to start their life together, emigrating from France. The wide open space and fresh air of Alaska sang home to the young couple who were ready to start their own life together; away from rival packs who would have preferred they not marry; alas the heart wants what the heart wants. Together they had a son, Martin who grew up and learned from his parents the history of their lineage and the gift of being a wolf, slowly as the years passed and he grew the bond of their small pack grew stronger. He met and fell in love with girl who lived in town, Emma, and while she was a human his love for her did not care. When she learned the truth about who they were, Emma begged to be turned; not wanting to imagine life without him. She’d age faster, become frailer, and eventually pass leaving him behind - it was not a decision made easily and not one accepted at first by George or Annabelle but with the eventual realization their son would love no other like Emma, she was turned and joined their pack. Their first child was born, Tommy - perfect in every way followed by his brother a few years later, Nicolas. It was perfect and the life George and Annabelle had always envisions for their family.

1979 - 85 - On the advice of his father, Nicolas waited till he was 21 before enlisting with the marines. Despite the fact he’d eagerly wanted to sign his name on the dotted line the moment he turned 17. He trained and served a full term of six years, with two active duty tours sending him over-seas (1982 Marine assignment in Lebanon / 1983 Marine assignment in Grenada, various peacekeeping and military assistant/training short term tours). Nico thrived in training, his natural competitive nature kicked in and there wasn’t a day in basic training or beyond, serving in duty where he wasn’t fully committed. While he’d trained at the same basecamp with his brother, they wouldn’t serve together on his first two tours. Instead, Nicolas learned to adjust for the first time without his family around him, instead making friend, family with the men around him. Good bonds were made, in particular, he'd met John, who’d joined the same time he had, both training in communications, they’d had each other back from day one and in many regards, John has reminded Nico of his brother. There were of course, other's Nicolas met, known only to him and their kind how they'd managed to be placed in the same units. The role Fenrir Fidelis played in the recruitment and protection of the wolves who wished to serve was growing knowledge among their kind as history progressed. The eased tension of knowing you weren’t going to completely alone when you were shipped off, helped settled nerves and more importantly kept recruitment numbers up. Like his brother before him, when it came time to enlist himself he was contacted by Fenrir Fidelis organization that had ties to his Marine recruitment, assured they had taken care of everything. Like spontaneous training missions for 'randomly' selected members of various units that often fell on or around the full moons.

Pulling random members out of barracks some nights, being sent to help out other units on instructions that had come from somewhere up the line. Nico had even once earned himself an 'overnight' mess hall cleaning assignment as means for an infraction (he didn't actually remember committing). They were good at their job, rarely if ever did it seem absurd or random for any of the wolves and himself he served with to be out and then back; no notice, unimportant, indifferent to the guys who were lucky enough to have not been selected for whatever shitty late night training was happening that day or made to clean the mess. Almost perfect, except for John’s nosiness. He could never leave good enough alone, despite Nico's insistence he wasn't missing out on anything. However, his persistence in prying would lead him to discover the truth, or well some version of something weird going on. Not exactly right, it was more a fear that if Nico didn't appease him, the idiot would get himself in more trouble than he could handle.

Besides. He honestly trusted the man, with his life. Nico was careful not to say to much, nor any names or details beyond basics. John had taken it pretty well... he didn't care. Thought it was cool, jokingly admitted he’d felt safer now knowing there was a guard dog around.

The loss of John has been the hardest of all the good men taken and maybe because it had been so unexpected and he'd been right there beside him when it happened. When Nico had finally finished his term, Nico had spent days upon days debating with himself if he’d of been able to save him. what if this... what if that... why didn’t I do this ... it was like the silence of the civilian life just cranked the noise in his brain up 100%. He couldn't sleep, couldn't focus, was restless all the time. Just hated being home.

1986 (Second Term) - He needed work and distraction, and something that was more than Chugach could offer. He signed up to serve another term with the Marines, this time fates aligned and he’d been able to serve with his brother. The routine of it all seemed to ease Nico back into a healthier functioning state. Helped him move past the loss of close friends and survivors guilt.

1992-99 (Apex 1) - There had been foolish hope, that coming home a second time would have been enough to settle him; like the things stirred up inside of him merely needed to be exercised out and they’d disappear. Civilian life was to mundane, to quiet and simple for Nico and he’d easily become bored and restless. His mind on overdrive and to many memories of things that left him unsettled allowed to run rampant through him. He’d come back more short tempered, reckless, and for the first little while only finding solace in long turns in wolf-form. He sure as shit wasn’t about to go to therapy either, or meetings, nah no thanks. Not for him.

Tommy was the one who had found out about Apex, or was recommend to them or ... whatever. Nicolas didn’t really ask the details by the time they were going out there. To be honest he’d done a little digging on them, what little public information he could find on them made it seem like an ok place, hired veterans (aka read between the lines, guys like them who couldn't really adjust to boring civilian life now that they were back). The online ‘digging’ however was much more interesting to Nico, at least insofar as the lack of data he found... at first.

Apex’s contract with NATO took Nico and Tommy to Bosnia and Kosovo with the group, easily fitting in and, without it seeming to much like bullshit group therapy, Logan was able to help Nico cope with the PTSD and find a way to bring himself back and forth from civilian life to military (in return Nicolas helped them beef up their ‘secret hard drive system he admittedly hacked into). The Marcou’s integration with Apex was seamless, and they were asked to stay on when the contract ended - though ties with their home pack led them to decline and in 2010 they headed back home to Alaska.

2011 (Apex 2) - Thus it began. It felt like the slow burn of all things werewolves had finally hit. The news, the social media, the hunts and, the epidemic, everything had come to a head and the life that wolves had known was ceasing to exist. Everyone became suspicious of the neighbours they didn’t know. Like the witch trials back in Salem, only this time humans started to hunt wolves. Anyone that looked different, acted different, and especially those families out in the Mountains that had kept to themselves all these years. What did anyone really know about them?

The family had gotten word that another pack not to far out from them had been hit by the epidemic, the so called rabies and before the ones that had been infected could be stopped they’d escaped. With the full moon about to rise, neither brother wanted to take a chance and headed out in the morning to secure the perimeter of their families land, a promise to return before the moon rose that night.

To some, in town, that had been around as long as anyone could remember, they’d always known the Marcou farm existed, even stranger it seemed like the couple who had bought it, who passed it on to their son, who would eventually pass it on to one of his boys ... was sometimes still seen around; surely that was impossible, wasn’t it? It was all that was needed, and along with the fear of rabies pandemic sweeping, sparked the lynch mob of self-made hunters to take care of the quiet family that never bothered anyone.

They were too far out by the time they knew something was wrong and when they’d made their way back to the home they both grew up in, the place was surrounded by humans and the house fully engulfed if angry orange flames. The moon rose, and they shifted, Nico still holding out some kind of hope that maybe they’d find them all still connected but it had only become painfully aware to both Nico and Tommy that they were the only two left.

Their return to Apex was somber, but welcomed, it was evident now, more than ever that needing people you trusted around you was key to survival.

April - November 2017 (Arrested/Released) - Angola was hard on Nico, it was the first time, in his life that the link he’d always felt running through him, connecting him not only with his pack, but his brother had been severed. It was like removing a sense entirely from his being, the shock value of it on his body could have been akin to loosing his sight or hearing.

His time in lock up definitely hadn’t improved any when the ones in charge of interrogation connected the dots that Nico and Tommy were brothers, trying to leverage each other’s well-being as a means for extracting information (like the times he’d been violently dragged off the yard or out of the mess for seemingly no reason and tossed into solitary confinement for days or weeks); bait surely meant for his brother to speak up. Likewise, they'd made him watch while Tommy was attacked in a well organized release of inmates into the yard.

Nico’s one on one sessions with the counsellor seemed to be constantly focused on the fact he was a born wolf and not turned; like a question and answer period for all things related to growing up ‘afflicted’ as they liked to put it. Much like the one on one sessions, the rehabilitation classes were full of some his best passive aggressive work and comments made under his breath all while repeating the mantra that they would all eventually make it back to ‘normal human society’ ...eventually... if they practiced the steps. However, his sarcastic comments in ‘class’ had to quickly quell when he learned that his mouth not only got him released late and missing out on yard times but his cellmate as well and that hadn't gone over well; though sometimes now just for fun he’ll re-quote some of the ridiculous sayings they all leaned in their ‘rehabilitation’ classes just for kicks.

It was in Angola those sleepless nights returned. The memories and anxieties he’d worked hard to quiet down from years ago when he’d first worked with Apex and Logan finding their way back to him. The first time, had been violent, unexpected and his wolf had taken over for self protection, shifting unexpectedly which ultimately left him sedated by the guards who’d taken it as an attempt for an attack on them.

Since being released his mind has quite down slightly, the ease of being reconnected with he pack masking some of that PTSD anxiety and he’s sure he can get a handle on it all again, no need to bother anyone with it.
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