Wendy Starling
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    In spite of her "monstrous" nature, Wendy is a woman who wants the best out of life. And to give the best life to those that she can.

  • Obsessed with the Past
  • Vain
  • Depressive
  • Lonely
  • Dislikes relying upon her vampiric abilities

    Wendy is a woman wrapped up in her humanity and what could have been. Forever looking backwards, this is her greatest weakness.

  • Nickname Wendy
    Played by Ginta Lapina
    Age 113 (February 20, 1905)
    Sign Pisces
    Height 5ft 5in (165.1cm)
    Weight 130lb (58.967kg)
    Occupation Ex-Actress | Charity Manager
    Employer Lovely Hearts
    Species Vampire
    Affiliation None
    Sexuality Heterosexual
    Status Single
    Lovely, lonely, charismatic, and empty



    In spite of her loss of human form, Wendy is by no means any less of the warm, shining woman that she was in life. She is an entertainer at heart and enjoys making people smile and falls easily into the role of hostess. This gentle aspect of her nature can lead to some viewing the hundred year old beauty as naive and they would be wrong. It is a miracle that Wendy has managed to maintain a warm personality after all that she has seen and done. Somehow, that spark of light preservers and it marvels her on a daily basis, leading to her work with the Lovely Hearts Charity.


    Getting into show business was not an easy task for Wendy, and no where in the world is more cut throat than Hollywood. Under all of that glitz and glamour lies a shrewd business woman. Wendy has always had an eye for detail and continues to use this to her advantage even in modern times. Running a charity is nothing to sneeze at, especially one founded in the bustling city of New Orleans. For Wendy, everything must have its place and everything must be in its place.


    The task of bringing a story to life is what drew Wendy into the acting industry and what she considers one of her greatest talents. She is a woman who adores the arts and all that they can offer people.


    Obsessed with the Past

    The late twenties were the best time of Wendy's life, she rode the attention that her agent got her and the promise that his vampirism could bring. Those bright few years proving that she could be successful and earn his bloody embrace are the last rays of sun that came before the eternal night. Ever since becoming a vampire, Wendy has been forced to stay out of the spotlight save for a few bit roles. Her Sire was obsessed with the tragedy of creating a fallen starlet. And now Wendy is obsessed... with what once was.


    Looks would get you far in Wendy's time, and she supposes that such a notion has not really changed. No, beauty is what the world lives on, with its twin: wealth. Wendy has both and knows that she can keep it forever if she wants, and she does indeed want it desperately.


    Her memories are both a blessing and a curse: she can relive the greatest moments of her life and cherish them, but at the same time, she can also mourn them evermore. Wendy is prone to long bouts of depressive episodes, lounging about her manor on the outskirts of New Orleans, surrounded by luxury and forever pining for something that is little more than ashes. These downward swings in her mood can last anywhere from a few days to a few months and it is only the strength of her other needs: such as to maintain her luxurious lifestyle and the pride she takes in her charity, that allows her to keep moving.


    Favorite Blood Type: O

    Favorite Blood Group: Other Vampires

    Favorite Color: Pearl White

    Favorite Animal: Persian Cats

    Favorite Scent: Bvlgari Goldea {crystal musk, orange blossom, raspberry and bergamot}


    {OOC NOTE: While this section is written in first person, it does not reflect the writing style of my IC posts. All other posts beyond this history section will be 3rd person. I just like the styalistic appearance for history when written in 1st person.

    Trigger Warnings: Violence, Suicide, Hinted Abuse, Suicidal Ideolization}

    They say that time heals all wounds... That the pain of the past will be forgotten as slowly and surely as the ocean beats away at a rock... That sooner or later it will all turn to sand and float away. That could not be more true for me. For me, the past is all that there is. My salvation: that I am more than the monster she made me. And my damnation: a taunt for all that I have lost and never will have again. My name is Wendy Starling, and this is my story. A never ending story.

    I was born to your typical nuclear family: mom, pop, an older brother, a younger brother. Being the middle child and the only girl had its perks. I was special and doted upon. Daddy was a soldier during World War I and my family, like many people in this country, were riding the high that followed it. It meant that I would be showered with plenty of gifts and treats while he tried to forget the horrors that he had survived. Glorified by two sons who would know nothing about the reality of war until it was too late and a daughter who was completely consumed by her own childish greed... Childish enough to ignore the darkness that lived behind the pretty picture we made as a family.

    The man who had been gone my entire childhood returned as a sweetheart with secrets. During the day he rained down upon us with presents and new clothes while grandma and grandpa looked on with admiration. But as the sun set... Daddy took to the bottle. I did not know until later why we had moved from the city of Los Angeles to the California Countryside, to my grandparent's estate. It was because their precious son was damaged in more ways than his family could imagine. Us children were sectioned off in a seperate wing of the estate to dream peacefully while my worried mother tried to sooth the frantic panic that was consuming my father from the inside out... He made it until my eighteenth birthday.

    It was an accident, my grandparents said. That he had died in his sleep. I dug up the records latter and those words were just more lies piled upon a childhood full of them. The truth came out later anyway... Those presents and treats? Funded by my grandparents who dug themselves into debt for the lies they fed us children. The glory that my brother's ideolized? Shattered with their own deployment and death on the beaches during the second World War. And my father's peaceful death in his sleep? Caused by a cocktail of whiskey and sleeping pills. Yes, that truth took my years to uncover but some cracks in our world of lies were more obvious than others.

    The first to fall apart was my grandparent's wealth. Over time we saw their staff get smaller and smaller and then, rooms were emptied of their finery to sell off. I had to confront them about it. I was no longer a child.

    Ten thousand dollars.

    They were in debt for one thousand dollars. An impossible sum at the time... My eldest brother was away in school and my younger brother had a few run ins with the law. They needed money desperately and that is when I saw it: the flyer for a beauty pageant in the city. The prize was twenty dollars. It wasn't perfect, but it would be something. Anything to help the people who had kept my childhood sweet and loving. With five dollars in my pocket, I stole into the city for the weekend and entered the contest. I won. I won the twenty dollars and the eye of Augustus White, prominent talent agent from Hollywood. He offered me a deal, a way out. How could I say no? Little did I know that I had signed away my soul to the devil. A soon to be disturbing pattern in my life.

    For the next five years when White said jump I'd jump. When he said to sing, or dance or spread my legs I did it. I was only a woman after all and while looks could get you through the door, having a powerful man at your side kept you in the limelight. I became the fabulous Wendy Star~ Wendy with her secrets. Wendy with her bruises... Oh yes, I heard about the whispers but I just smiled and kept my head up. Rumors can kill a person if they aren't careful. I had to do a good job, it kept the money flowing and afforded me plenty of distractions in spite of everything White put me through.

    And then I met her, Ana, a real devil.

    It was at a promotional party for my first talkie: 'A Night Under Silver Stars'. Of course I was there on White's arm and she seemed to cut straight through him; walked right up to me as though I were the only person in the room. And I couldn't get enough of power and beauty that radiated from her, it was magical. She was pefrect: flawless and commanding of the room in spite of her status as a woman. I was surprised that I had never heard of her before Ana Rossi... Surely she must be famous internationally. And she spent the entire party chatting me up. Oh how I melted under her attentions! It felt wonderful, like having a real friend. And there: in the shadow of her Hollywood Villa, with Augustus' blood streaming from her lips, she offered me what sounded like the perfect solution to all of my problems: becoming a vampire. I would have all the power and wealth that I could imagine, if I honed my skills. And if I had to drink blood for a living... was that so bad of a trade off? Power and beauty forever... Who wouldn't take such an offer? If only it wasn't another lie.

    My life has become consumed with lies once again. Power and beauty? Oh I have them... But my face would never again grace the silver screen. Ana grew bored of my inability to face my new monsterous nature and left me to pick up the pieces. I don't think I've managed to find all of the shards of my life yet.

    My story has not ended, I cannot bring myself to close the final chapter... As I lay here, in my lavish manor, all alone... I can't help but wonder what the future has in store for me. If... anything is in store for me?


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