Cracking the doors, July 2018
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Jul 6 2018, 10:44 AM
Age 28
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July Update

Hey all, our period of hiatus is over (sort of). We've still got a lot going on personally, but it's not fair to leave you all waiting any longer!! So we're turning the board back online and going 'invite only' or 'semi-private.' We aren't going to be actively advertising and will take applications of friends and those who stop in the discord as they come. Our focus will be on posting and building the small community we have, not the numbers or outreach.

We're going to need you all to help! Please ask any questions you have, submit ideas for the future, check the site for glitches, etc. You'll notice the following changes:
  • Los Muertos have been written out as a group. With Washoa we really didn't need another latino group and we figured the anti-werewolf schtick was already cornered by the Morrettis.
  • Le Pavillion as a brothel and vampire haunt has been written out as a group. The Dungeon is still operational for similar vampire needs.
  • New vampire nest. Ensemble has been deleted. I've put forth Rafe to lead a sadistic bunch of baddies if anyone is interested.
  • Word count reduced to 300 words.
  • Posts required for new characters have been reduced by half.
  • Change AC to check in style, no longer requiring an active topic.
  • Now allow RPers to play the NPC leaders if they have been active for over 4 months and as a second character with staff approval.
  • Revamp dark skin
  • New spell book code for the Grimoire.
  • Additional vampiric laws added to Vampire lore politics.
We also have some upcoming changes still in the works:
  • The Grimoire. You'll notice the witches species page now has a tab called "Grimoire" which will be a book of spells site-wide. Feel free to admire the pretty code, but the content is still under construction. We will be putting up a thread where you can make suggestions.
  • We are considering making a new wolf pack that is less specialized and diverse.
  • We are considering making a vampire local NOLA government / law enforcement group to compliment the additions to vampiric law in the lore.
  • We will be adding territory and businesses as purchaseable in the store to compliment the player created groups.
  • Wes will be creating a light version of the skin in the future.
Let us know what you think! What's your favorite change? What are you most excited to see coming up soon? We have missed you guys!
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