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Sep 14 2017, 01:16 PM
Age Infinite
Height Too high
Weight wot
Affiliation Dedicated to the members
Sexuality all the sex pls
Status Committed to all of you

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In Character - Posting
800 word IC post 10 N/A
1200+ word IC post 20 N/A
100 posts on a character account 50 TBD
200 posts on a character account 100 TBD
300 posts on a character account 200 TBD
5 threads with 5 different characters 25 TBD
10 threads with 10 different characters 50 TBD
20 threads with 20 different characters 75 TBD
In Character - Development
Have your character arrested. Requires an IC thread as proof. 25 TBD
Imprison your character for greater than 6 months. Requires an IC thread as proof. 50 TBD
Subject your character to government experimentation. Requires an IC thread as proof. 50 TBD
Out of Character - On-Site Tasks
Socialize your characters! Create a shipper, development, and wanted ad thread. Awarded per character. 25 TBD
Collect them all! Create a character of every species 100 TBD
Love them all! Finish a thread with a character of every species, awarded per character account. 100 TBD
Welcome the newbs! Create an IC thread starter for a new member. Must be within 1 month of their join date. 25 TBD
Out of Character - Off-site Tasks
Recruit a friend! Awarded upon completion of 3 IC threads 50 TBD
Advertise the Site! Points paid per 20 ads on other RP sites. 20 TBD
Share the site! Points paid per 20 posts, reblogs, etc. on social media 20 TBD


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