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• I've been writing in one form or another since I was 10, with an emphasis on RP since I was 17
• I'm a big astrology nerd
• I love intellectualizing everything and having meta-level discussions about characters and plots and WHAT IT ALL MEANS omg
• Because I live in Europe, I'm not gonna be online at the same time as most of you, but don't let that deter you from talking to me - I love plotting and if you think you can involve one of my chars in your storylines, hit me up
• Walks & hikes
• Complex and emotional AF plots
• Offbeat humour
• Weird stuff
• Praise
• Naps
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Sign Leo
Height 1,72 m aka 5ft. 6in.
Weight Idr.
Occupation Technical writer
Employer Big bad corporation
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Affiliation Triad
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Admin AF
Unicorn AF
• Past tense
• Third person
• Long and winding
• Sometimes poetic
• Like to experiment with formats
• Check out my characters, I'm lazy
Ancient manipulative trickster
Unaffiliated vampire
Real estate mogul

Soldier with a poet's soul
Werewolf, Beta of the Apex pack
Curator at the Octavia Art Gallery

Badass business owner & regent, conflicted person
Witch; Ma (regent) of the House of Laurier
Owner of Nataraja Dance; Dance Therapist & Instructor

Obsessed, misguided, sadistic artist
Vampire; Nest Leader of the Ensemble
Unemployed; working on his next symphony

hot-tempered, individualistic, forward-thinking wolf in a traditional pack
Werewolf; Subordinate with the Wasohá pack
Waitress at the Ruby Slipper Café
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