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Maternal || It isn't just that she cares about people, it is very much that she is protective and determined to mother those who form part of her immediate circle of family and pack. Leah is the one who organizes holidays, plans events and generally makes sure that everyone is taken care of even ahead of her own needs.

Experimental Cook || Leah has a lot of time when it comes to her interest in cooking. It is the one hobby that merges well with her absolute love of trying out new things. She isn't always successful but Leah doesn't let it hold her back and instead comes back swinging once more to try out some new improvement or alteration that will make it improve.

Organized || While she isn't the kind of person who'd fall into some kind of obsessive category, Leah strives to have control over her life by managing to keep everything in order. She has day, week and even year planners to make sure everything goes off without a hitch and as a result Leah is never late for anything. It is actually both a peeve and something of an anxiety that she should ever end up being late for any occasion.

Well Spoken || As much as she has a few vocal particularities, Leah is overall well spoken, she rarely uses bad language and often instead replaces those terms with something far less offensive or rude. She also tends to avoid slang or contractions.

Good with figures || Leah doesn't bother with boasting about this particular talent, however, she can and does run through figures in her head which does actually compare to the speed of a machine. It's not a skill she learned, instead it was one she was born with. Which is why Leah doesn't boast about it, much like she isn't interested in bragging about her red hair or being a wolf. They are just part of who she is.
Quirky || As much as Leah is well-spoken she will often use the word "bizarre" in her sentences, even when it might not appear to fit. It is also one of the main descriptors for many different things, people and/or places that she is describing to others. It is just one of the many little quirks that form the package which is Leah and those who know her best are well-used to the habit.

Absent-minded || While she doesn't intend to do this - who does? - Leah has a habit of being forgetful; it's why she has worked so hard to counter it with her organized attitude to everything. It usually works. However, it also affects her when she is in the midst of things as well. Leah can forget other details, such as remembering she had put laundry on while she is cooking. Not really dangerous but certainly another facet of her nature.

Takes blame for others || As a side effect of her need to avoid conflict, Leah will actually own up to things she isn't directly responsible for in order to bring an end to an issue or resolve a potential drama.

Shy (minor) || This is probably he least noticeable quality about Leah, she can handle social situations with some confidence. Although, Leah is actually only really comfortable when she is with people she trusts and knows well. Leah doesn't share much about herself or even talk that openly until she knows someone very well. In particular, Leah struggles with one on one encounters and the idea of a [i]blind date[/i] would be her idea of the worst evening ever.

Accident Prone || This is just general clumsiness. Leah is the one who'll find the one item to trip over or end up bashing into the side of the door. It irritates her, as she doesn't like to appear as being someone who isn't in control.
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Played by Sophie Turner
Age 43 (02.22.1974)
Sign Pisces
Height 5.4 (165.09 cm)
Weight 142lbs (64.41 kg)
Occupation Waitress
Employer Howlin' Wolf
Species Inactive Account
Affiliation Morrigan Pack
Sexuality Demisexual
Status Single
Humble ~ Timid ~ Gregarious ~ Earthy ~ Clumsy
When people describe Leah, the first word that comes to mind is always going to be gentle; there is an aura of sweet and ethereal innocence that dominates her physical presence and surrounds her like a warm cloak. She is comforting and compassionate towards others, inherently needing to assist those in need of her help and guidance. Indeed it is something that allows her to a patient guide and able adviser when the situation arises for that to be the case.

Leah isn't nearly a weak or fragile as her appearance and general demeanour might tend to suggest to others. There is an enduring strength at her very core while there is no malice in her makeup it doesn’t mean she is unable to defend herself or those that Leah personally deems as being truly innocent or otherwise unable to stand and protect themselves.

It gives her a strongly maternal quality in her words, and overall manner. She is the strong, solid protector who both loves and cherishes deeply those whom she has taken into her heart and affections.

Due to an extremely empathic nature, Leah is someone very much in tune to emotions of others in close proximity. While she has enough control to mitigate being overwhelmed it does mean Leah doesn't like strongly negative feelings being displayed around her person. She can and will actively attempt to calm a situation down and provide sense and reason.

She has strong and occasionally direct expressions when it comes to things she feels passionate about; her confidence is definitely something that cannot be put aside easily, Leah is the sort of woman who can emerge from a crisis apparently unruffled and possessing a clear head and a focus on what needs doing to resolve the problem as quickly as possible and with the minimum of fuss.

Leah is basically an optimist, not to mention being really friendly. Under normal conditions she is able to make (and usually) keep friends with little effort on her part. Leah is the sort of woman who bonds very closely and intensely with her loved ones. As one of those people who is very much a demonstrative '[i]hugger[/i]' particularly it comes to displaying her affection; Leah is not ashamed to show how she feels and let others see it happen.

It is possible that she can come across as being a little oblivious and even air-headed, its usually because Leah is distracted as she tends to become singularly focused on the task at hand. She isn't really capable of multitasking, or at least not well. She isn't perhaps the typical when someone is thinking of a bookworm - although she enjoys reading a great deal - as it's not a trait which comes easily but rather an effort that she puts her heart and soul into because learning is really the greatest passion she has in her life.
The earliest memories that Leah has are all centred around the Howlin' Wolf, sitting up on the counter and ordering pancakes - just like the grown-ups - while being fussed over by the rest of her family was a good way to begin any life and Leah cherishes her memories of both her own parents but also her Aunt and Uncle as well. Especially given the loss of those important people, some more recently than others.

Leah is more prone to nostalgia than she really should be, particularly when it hits her at work, given her a rather distracted air when dealing with some of the customers.

She didn't really dream of anything other than working at the Howlin' Wolf when she was old enough and would even help out before she was formally employed. Mostly alongside her mother but also in being the general dogsbody who would always volunteer no matter how awkward, hard or disgusting the task might end up being. Leah was and remains very much oriented on pleasing other people, she doesn't like negative energy or people and tends to avoid the latter while trying to do her best to change the former as much as possible.

It was a relatively smooth transition to working full-time as a waitress alongside the rest of her family; Leah hasn't looked or wanted anything more in terms of a position in the business. This is the kind of thing that she loves to do, helping and making others happy; even if it is only making sure that they have the right food and drink delivered in a prompt fashion.

When her Aunt took sick, Leah spent the majority of her time trying to help care for the woman sure that there must be some solution and when eventually the disease progressed to the point of their being no more options available Leah took the death of her Aunt badly. After all, lycanthropes didn't get sick. Ever. Now of course, and eventually then, the understanding that this was the rabies has provided some understanding but didn't make it any easier to bear.

She retreated for a while and actually missed Lyall's initial return and only as things progressed more and more negatively with the health and support of the whole pack that she was able to come out of her own shell to try and do what she could.

Not that there was very much. While her father was struggling to cope under the weight of responsibilities that he'd ever wanted, Lyall's return added another complication as he was basically a rogue and the whole pack wasn't sure how to treat him. It was overall a chaotic and difficult time and then Braden turned up as well.

Leah was disinclined to trust him, a feeling that was borne out when he challenged her Uncle - as was the pack custom - and in spite of Lyall trying to stop it from going on, her Uncle was left to face Braden and was eventually killed. It was heartbreaking.

She'd barely even registered the [i]outing[/i] of the wolves, although she knew that it would affect her and the people she loved the most but they'd already lost so much. Although she respected that at least Braden should be able to bring some sense of order to the pack, she remained unhappy and very withdrawn.

When the attackers from Baton Rouge turned up, challenging Braden and killing him, it was not the same as had happened before. It instead erupted into chaos and an all out war; during this Leah lost both her parents and ended up going into hiding as well in order to survive. It was a miracle when the new Irish wolves turned up. Exactly what the pack had needed in order to push back the invaders and secure their own return to what they'd had before, at least in terms of land and property. The people weren't ever coming back.

Leah had her own guilt to live with; during that horrible time and with her own grief so fresh she accidentally attacked and turned a human. Not an action that she'd ever planned on ever doing but she was too distraught to rein in her wolf and prevent it from reacting on instinct.

She of course has to live with this; although she was surprised when he showed up looking for revenge - even if he had assumed that his attacker had been male and was therefore prime to face his wrath and even be killed, this Zaven wasn't so much of an ass when he was actually face to face with Leah and realised the kind of wolf and woman that she was and always has been. He still got a few licks in though.

It has left their relationship strained but Leah isn't focusing on that, instead she wants to concentrate on her family ties and also helping Lyall with his young daughter in some effort to actually do some good and restore the happiness that she used to know as a child sitting on the counter eating her pancakes.
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