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• Business savvy: She has owns and manages her pack & family's bar.
• Well-educated: She has amassed several degrees over the last 7 decades, mostly in business.
• Traditional values of loyalty and family, mostly inspired by her pack.
• Independent, strong willed: Lowe was raised in a pack where women are something cherished, not the warped misogynistic view most male wolves have these days now that humanity has diluted their traditions.
• Born without a filter: She can be quite abraisive, especially if she feels she's backed into a corner.
• Stubborn: Reasoning with her once she has her mind made up is a fools errand.
• Obnoxious humor: She thinks all her jokes are God's gift to comedy.
• Guarded: She walls people out because she's insecure deep down and distrusting. This has a profound destructive effect on her interpersonal relationships.
Nickname Little Fox
Played by Rose Leslie
Age 76 (April 2, 1940)
Sign Aries
Height 5ft. 1in. (154.94 cm)
Weight 120 lbs (54.5 kg)
Occupation Bar & Grill Owner
Employer Howlin' Wolf
Species Werewolf
Affiliation Morrigan Pack
Sexuality Heterosexual
Status Mated to Zaven Spencer
Independent • Strong Willed • Stubborn • Fiery • Guarded
Lowe is the typical red headed stereotype... with a good heart. She's feisty and often too opinionated, but was raised on good old fashioned werewolf values. She cares deeply for her brother -- even if their relationship has been strained over the years -- and her pack. She was raised by the Morrigan pack, by people with a code she has come to believe in. Pack first, everyone else second.

That's why she works so hard, keeping Howlin' Wolf running. She has been known to be found sleeping on the sofa in the back office some nights when she's really burning the candle at both ends. And when she is running on less than eight hours? Watch out. She may be a mere 5'2" but she's fierce. In wolf form she's small for a female of their kind and covered in copper red fur. When she was little, the kids would tease her and call her a little "fox," implying she was just a wee thing that couldn't keep up. That didn't last long. It ended in a bloody nose and her being grounded for a week.

New Orleans is her home, but she has cycled through several degrees at different colleges and traveled for years at a time. Prior to 2007 when the wolves were outed, traveling under a new identity and assuming a new life was a necessity. Her pack is originally from Ireland and much of their pack still resides there. They cycled to live in Ireland regularly over the decades any time they needed to escape the reality that they didn't age. She has seen the world, and her wanderlust still rears it's head every now and then.

While at school, she studied human feminism and it opened her eyes to just how stuck in the stone age the "new age" packs have become, assimilating into human society like wolves captive, oppressing the weaker gender. Thus, she often talks out of turn around male wolves from outside her more traditional, equality valuing pack, causing them to roll their eyes or worse. She's lucky her pack sticks to more fundamental values where an alpha pair rule in harmony, and her role in Howlin' Wolf gives her a voice among her people.

She's very thankful to her father for leaving her the bar or she's not entirely sure what her life would be like. It grounds her. No matter how much the world around her changes, it's the one constant. She can still feel her father and mother there, still smell their scent that clings to the walls.
Lowe was born alongside her twin brother Lyall, to Thomas and Gwendolyn Avery. Thomas took leadership of the American Morrigan pack in 1938. It was a tough time to shoulder such responsibility. They lost many of their male wolves to the WWII effort. The few females had to hold the pack together when the men were drafted. Lowe and Lyall were born during this time, on April 2, 1940. Thomas returned from the fighting when they were almost a year old. He was so proud of his wife, who had picked up a job as a seamstress just to keep food on the table.

After the war he went from building bombs to building businesses. In 1942, he opened Howlin' Wolf, a bar and grill. People came home from the war and wanted to drink. His wife loved to cook and he had Irish connections to their sister pack to get prime liquor on their shelves. Their Irish brethren owned a farm and operated a very popular national distillery. Over time, they filled the place with music and laughter. Many of the pack members coming home from war got jobs there and it became a sort of 'pack run business.'

Unexpectedly, at least to Lowe, when Lyall was seventeen he skipped out on pack life all together. Lowe would never understand that choice. They'd never really seen eye to eye growing up, going together like vinegar and oil. He hated everything about pack life and the thought of being alpha one day. When he left, her father was crushed. He disowned Lyall immediately and her mother refused to talk about it.

Life went on. Their businesses started to take off. Their territory grew. Life was good. Lowe went off to college at a top school, majoring in Business and Accounting so that she could help out at home. She loved everything about Howlin' Wolf, having waitressed there from the time she could talk. The smell, the atmosphere, the rowdy customers... to her, they were perfect.

Several decades ago Lowe settled into managing Howlin' Wolf, increasing profits and turning the place into an even greater success. Meanwhile, her father supported her, believed in her and backed up her business decisions. But he knew that one day he'd be gone... So as his only heir, and his daughter, he put Howlin' Wolf in her name, gifted it to her upon his death. This ensured she maintained her voice in the pack as she controlled their main source of income. It would guarantee that even if the pack became a bit more 'human' and denied females a voice, Lowe would never lose hers.

Unfortunately some time later, her mother fell sick with rabies after coming home from a long trip. It was relatively rare back in those days, long before the rabies outbreak of 2010. She lost herself, went wild, and almost killed someone. She became hunted by her own pack, quarantined, and eventually euthanized. During this affair, Lyall came home to be with the family. Tensions ran high. But they put aside their differences for Gwen's sake. Yet all their wishing and hoping couldn't take her madness away. She died in the spring of the following year in a cage, hair matted, barely turning human.

Their father was devastated. He stopped caring. He drowned himself in the bottle and depression consumed his life. He started to neglect his duties. His Beta stepped up, trying to help, but he was a blundering fool. Lowe tried to keep it together, but she couldn't.

Lyall even tried to step in, but after being disowned he had no say. He was nothing better than a rogue, a traitor. Without his father to back him, he had no power. So the two of them were forced to watch from the sidelines as their father's legacy went up in smoke. That is when Braden, from the Irish pack, came over the Atlantic and laid down the alpha challenge. It had to be done if the American pack would remain strong and thus the Irish interests in it secure.

When Braden returned she knew what it meant. None of the Betas in the pack rivaled him in dominance. Her father's time was up. Lyall, adverse to their pack ways, was not pleased. He tried to step in, tried to stop the fight... but this was their custom. Members of the pack held him back. Lowe watched on, crying silently as her father stumbled and finally fell.

After that, she took over with the bar entirely. At first it was painful, so god damned painful, to live with Braden as alpha, someone who'd taken her father's life. But that was the way of the wolf... so she adjusted, or so she told herself, bottling it up as she was want to do. At first she worried they wouldn't honor her father's will, that they'd try to fight her on it, take the bar. So she made it perfectly clear she'd earned her ownership. She threw herself into her work.

When the werewolves were outed, things turned tumultuous. Witches, allied with the pack, placed wards to keep human vigilantes at bay, repel them when they approached if they planned to bring strife within their walls. It worked, providing a place where the wolves were safe from the riots and human violence.

Then, in August 2016, when a pack war came knocking Lowe lost everything. A pack from Baton Rouge invaded New Orleans and their alpha challenged Braden for leadership and land. When Braden fell war erupted and the majority of her people were slaughtered. She, Dylan, and a few others survived, and were forced to either join the new pack or run. So they ran, went rogue.

But in the background they began plotting revenge. The Irish heard what had happened and sent aid. Throughout that winter they watched and waited, and when Spring came, they ambushed the invaders on a full moon. Blood again spilled in the Bayou. In the end their copper fur was stained crimson, and many died, but they retook their home. Any of the remaining Baton Rouge wolves were run off their lands, threatened that if they ever return they will be killed.

The bar is back up and running, and Lowe is slowly trying to rebuild their lives from the ashes, among the ghosts of so many lives lost.

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