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Diplomacy - able to see both sides of the argument and remain bipartisan, Haidar is usually a good person to call upon when there is conflict. As a beta, he uses this skill to reason with the other wolves when tensions run high.
Level-headedness - the man can retain a cool head in the most stressful situations and make decisions that are well thought out despite the pressure.
Intelligence - holding multiple degrees, Haidar is the epitome of a book-smart intellectual.
Able to see the beauty in everything - through his interest in poetry an mysticism, the Iranian is usually able to see a bit of good in every situation, which makes even the worst conditions bearable.
True to his word - you can take a promise from Haidar to the bank.
Sniping - his specialty at Apex corp.
Wrestling - since he was a young child, Haidar has been in wrestling clubs and even entered national competitions with moderate success while he was a human. This gives him an unexpected edge in hand-to-hand combat.
Stubbornness - the other side of the coin of being resilient, Haidar is oftentimes stubborn and unwilling to change his course of action once he has decided upon something.
Too idealistic for his own good - Haidar's actions are mostly based on a moral ideal, but at times this fixation on idealism can lead to disregards of what is (others' and his own feelings) in lieu of what should be.
Prone to self-sacrifice and martyrdom - a derivative of his idealism. Haidar tends to put the pack above himself and does not hesitate to put himself through considerable pain if it would spare the pack from it in some way.
Methodical and ruthless in punishment - while he prefers to reason and logic as a way of confronting conflict, the Iranian is unafraid to use violence if the situation calls for it. This oftentimes comes as a surprise to even the people who know him well, because of his usual calm demeanor, as after a single warning, he will strike to put an end to unwanted or disrespectful behaviour.
Ruan Wilder - all of his rules and principles seem to fly out the window if his mate is involved. Haidar is ready to do anything and everything for him.
Nickname The Iranian, the Poet
Played by Michiel Huisman
Age 106 (December 11, 1911)
Sign Sagittarius
Height 6ft. (182.88 cm)
Weight 180 lbs (82 kg)
Occupation Curator
Employer Octavia Art Gallery
Species Werewolf
Affiliation Apex Pack
Sexuality Sapiosexual
Status Mated to Ruan Wilder
noble, idealistic, stubborn, poetic
Although his profession might not suggest this immediately, Haidar is a poet at heart. Blessed with creativity and imagination, his preferred method of making sense of the world is lyrical as he often retreats to read or write. While these hermit-like habits make him a bit of a loner at times, he also finds immense pleasure in engaging with others in deep intellectual discussions. When possible, he likes to create an atmosphere of comfort for his close ones, gregariously hosting parties when the occasion calls for it or simply inviting people for a home-cooked meal. Towards the ones in his closest circle, he is tolerant, patient and will go out of his way to help.

One thing that the man does not compromise on is his idealism. Throughout his long life, Haidar has maintained a few core principles and truths he clings to fiercely. On one side, this trait has lent his character a certain nobility. Haidar seems to embody old-fashioned virtues of honesty and loyalty, and once his trust is earned, his friendship is unconditional, devoted and lifelong. On the other hand, his idealism also sometimes goes past the point of rationality as the man refuses to acknowledge facts that speak strongly against his ideas. Even when in the end he is confronted with the futility of his position, he will follow it though until the bitter end, often to his own detriment.

In these cases, his ability to see an aesthetic value in any circumstance comes to his aid. It has lent him a resilience to withstand even the hardest blows of fate. Where others rebel against destiny, Haidar can remain stoic and accepting of things that are outside of his reach to change. Where circumstances bend him, he adapts and bounces back with a knowing smile.

In the pack, he has earned the high-ranking position of a beta. As such, his priority is on keeping the pack peaceful and working together as a well-oiled machine. Under the motto that the best conflict is an avoided one, Haidar enforces the alpha’s rules of no fights outside of the full moon. In missions, he is quick and effective, and tries to make sure that everyone is safe and taken care of. Calm and assertive, he can usually put more nervous wolves at ease, and his nurturing streak comes through in cases of deeper need.

Light of my eyes,

It saddens me greatly to read of your struggles with your faith.

In the hopes that it will offer some solace or consolation, let me tell you about my own. You will recognize some elements, I’m sure, but as you say, there is nothing new on the face of this earth. And perhaps it is the repetition that is comforting.

You asked me, where is God?

I asked my father the same, when I was a child. He made me kneel and bend and recite prayers that sounded difficult and held little meaning to me, all for a God whom I didn’t know.

I remember how pensive he looked and that he took some time before answering me. At last, he said - “you have to look for Him. Look for Him in everything you see, everyone you meet and all you experience.”

I took it to heart. It became my project, my obsession.

At first it felt frustrating, as I did not know exactly what I was looking for. But after a while of paying close attention, I started perceiving.

I saw Him in the rhythmical movements of the knife my mother’s calloused hand wielded as she cut vegetables for our meals. I heard Him in the low timbre of my father’s voice when he read Hafiz in the evenings. I felt Him in the chill of the air after the first frost of the year. I saw His face in the hills, the woods, the rivers. I followed Him in the perfection of the movements during wrestling training. He was everywhere, barely an ounce of effort on my part was needed to discover this truth.

It was harder to recognize Him in the painful sides of life. In the separation from my parents when I left our village for Tehran. In the alienation I felt during my studies. But I found Him again, in the quietness of the library, in the concentration required for technical drawings, and in the laughter of new friends as we greeted sunrises and sunsets above the roofs of the city.

And then there was you -

Life of my heart, He was in the dark of your eyes, on the tip of your tongue as you formed your quick responses and astute observations, between your hairs that remained uncounted as they slipped through my fingers. If I thought I had known God before, I was proven a fool.

How could I leave you then, my sweetest?

It felt like God was not with us when we heard of the invasion. We had been so sheltered before, even if the rest of the world was aflame with war. But the quiet whispers on the streets about the mounting dead that the news outlets wouldn’t share enflamed a panic in me. My parents, my friends, the land that I love - all in immediate danger. How could I do nothing?

Looking back, I do not understand how we could be so sure of our invincibility and our personal influence. How all of the illusions shattered in the face of a reality as revealed to me by army life. We were nothing more than pawns of the opportunistic and hypocritical politicians, who soon had us working with and for the foreigners that pillaged our country, now with official consent. Your wit, captured almost as well in ink as in person, was what kept me from the brink of madness then.

But ideals would not remain all that shattered during that time.

You know of the attack - it broke me to the point I did not think I would wake again. And I did not wake, as the man who did was not the same. I had become a sacrilege, an abomination. My fate was sealed - and it was to be a miserable one without you, my sweet.

Those were the dark days.

I felt robbed of everything that had been dear to me. Abandoned among the ones that had been the source of my predicament and with a beast inside me that I knew not how to control.

But I learned, slowly. And the gloom lifted as well, slowly. I learned to see Him in the community with my new brothers and sisters, in the unique bond that we share. I found my place, and comfort in the hierarchies. Strict military codes of conduct have their own beauty, in the way they give form and shape. Out of a mess, they made me a man with purpose again.

Your letters, my love, they remain my lifeblood. Your words conjure images in my head, I see you wipe your brow as you chase your grandchildren, I see your dark eyes concentrate on a book… everyday things. In the moments that you feel despair, remember that I remain at your side, you just need to conjure my image. For even when we are not in active exchange and I am in far away places without opportunity to write, you remain in my thoughts always.

My life is but a ghazal to you.

In you, I have seen God.

I hope you will discover Him there, too.

Yours eternally,


June 24, 1991

[Last letter before Haidar received notice of his beloved’s death.]

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