Logan Bennett
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• Logical & level-headed
• Able to control his wolf's shifting & help new wolves adjust
• Great poker player. He and his pack play on missions oversees and at home over an insane amount of whiskey.
• Military training and experience. He was an infantryman in the Army and then sniper in the Rangers. After that, he became a contractor, training military units, pursuing high value targets, and executing select missions usually too high risk for the US government
• Fighting - Logan requires every wolf in his ranks to fight him to join, so he's honed his skills over the decades to remain alpha.
• Too much of a martyr
• Risks the safety of his pack for his pro-wolf morals
• Annoying brunettes with daddy issues
• Homemade cooking
• Cheetos and their disgusting orange residue. Actually, most processed food he finds disgusting. If it comes in a package he'll pass.
• He can't stand assholes who disrespect the flag he fought for, even now that he has lost faith in the country he served.

Nickname Bennett
Played by Alex O
Age 130 (January 4, 1885)
Sign Capricorn
Height 6ft 4in (193 cm)
Weight 185 lbs (83.9 kg)
Occupation CEO, Owner
Employer Apex Corp.
Species Werewolf
Affiliation Apex Pack
Sexuality Heterosexual
Status Dating Dylan Mercier
Methodical • Level-headed • Compassionate • Leader • Loyal
Long ago, Logan wrapped up his human history in a box labeled 'do not touch' and stored it in the far corners of his mind. He doesn't talk about the family he used to have. Not because they don't matter, or because he harbors some hidden angst about their loss. He simply is no longer that person.

He is a logical person, grounded. He doesn't dwell on things he cannot change, for it is a fruitless exercise. He practices discipline in all things, but also knows how to crack a joke on his off time. He's often found pulling pranks or goofing around with his pack. While his prior life may be locked away, he doesn't let that stop him from living in the now.

Working with young or troubled wolves gave him purpose long after his tours of duty ended. He developed a new family, and while they may not be perfect... they are together by choice and would gladly give it all for one another. Recently, however, their future seems uncertain.

He took on the alias of a southern country boy from Kentucky, a simple man, a carpenter that spent his days working with his hands. His pack was also forced to adopt new lives to avoid registration with the government. While in hiding, he found the girl he wants as mate, further throwing his life into turmoil.

Then, when he was thrown into prison, he nearly lost his mind. They all did. They were chemically forced to sever their pack bond and faced the worst conditions imaginable for just over 7 months. Even now, they're monitored, under the microscope by the local authorities, labeled a threat.
Logan was born in 1885, when the world was much, much simpler. He enlisted in the British Armed Forces in 1901 at age 16, encouraged by a legacy of 'fighting men.'

Despite his service, he had a school-aged sweetheart, married her, had three children. His life went exactly according to plan. She wrote him love letters soaked in perfume. His children adored him. And when he was in his mid-twenties he retired, content to live a happy, quiet life with them.

But the universe had other plans... On September 8, 1915 a German Army Zeppelin bombed St. Paul's Cathedral in London. They killed twenty-two civilians and six children, including Logan's wife. His children were assumed to be among the casualties. The day the Germans dropped those bombs, his whole world shattered.

In 1917, at the age of thirty-two, he was a widower. He rejoined the British Army and quickly made his way up the ranks to become a decorated officer, leading a small unit in WWI. When America arrived to aid the war effort in the summer of 1918, he had expected a swift victory... and while his men certainly got that, his fate was a bit more interesting.

John J. Pershing, a witch and ranking general of the U.S. Army, had begun wolf-soldier experiments... his attempt at harnessing the werewolf gene to create super soldiers. The project wasn't public, hell the supernatural would remain secret for decades to come.

Unfortunately, for Logan one of these experiments got loose. A U.S. soldier, driven mad by a fire fight, turned on Logan, coming up from behind. One second he was spearing a German on the end of his bayonet and the next he was covered in his own blood. Yet before he could be taken to the hospital, J. Pershing's men, known as Fenris Fidelus were already covering it up. They snuck him off the battle field to a remote government facility, and it was there he was reborn.

He realized he could be a greater asset to his country as a wolf, embracing his instincts and learning to work in harmony with his dual identity. Officially, he was written off as killed in action, but there were few around to mourn him. He assumed a new identity, and sold his soul to the U.S. Army. He became one of their most promising 'experiments' ever.

He later deployed, this time for the US, leading a unit of wolves in World War II as their alpha and lieutenant. After that tour, he left the military to work as a 'civilian contractor.'

In reality, he became a pseudo-branch of Fenrir Fidelus, training the wolves back home to go off and fight for their country. They sent him the wolves that needed leave to recoup and recover from the horrors of war. They sent him newly turned wolves, struggling to control themselves. And he took them all in, helped them as best he could... and when he couldn't, he put them down to protect the werewolves' secret from getting out and to protect the human population from an unstable, crazed rogue wolf.

Over time, as the recruits he trained for military life retired, many of them came to work for him. He opened up his own paramilitary private security company, Apex Corp., which contracted heavily with the government. His company trained soldiers overseas, ran government operations, protected key agencies, guarded diplomats, you name it. He amassed friends in very dangerous and influential places, teamed up with other alphas who had been drawn to this line of work. He established satellite offices run by these alphas. Overall, Apex was likely the biggest employer of supernatural veterans in the world.

Yet, the world has changed, forcing Logan and his pack to do likewise. Fenrir Fidelus moved even further underground, destroying all evidence... covering their tracks. But they didn't cover them well enough. Data with information about Apex leaked, sending the pack on the run. The government that he fought alongside all these years wanted to collar him and his pack, treat them as second class citizens. But he was not one to be leashed. He reached out to their contacts, found them a secure location to lay low, an werewolf-friendly apartment complex in New Orleans...

They acquired new identities and hoped to stay off the radar, managing their affairs overseas under the guise of normalcy. But that wasn't to be. One of their wolves, Rea, left the pack and traveled overseas without telling Logan. A camera at the airport picked her up, and they staged a raid that killed two members of their pack and left them in chains.

Despite only receiving a 7.2 month prison sentence, the system wasn't equipped to handle them, so they were sent to the nearest supermax facility, Angola. There they experienced the hardest months of their lives, their pack bond severed and his people subject to innumerable human rights violations.
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