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• Practical, makes realistic decisions.
• Trustworthy and loyal to loved ones.
• Wise beyond her years.
• Overtly bookish.
• Meticulous in both her personal and work life.
• Uncanny sense of direction.
• Always well dressed.
• Particularly fluent with her water affinity.
• Can be seen as cold.
• Inflexible in her opinion.
• Often high strung, although she never shows it.
• Terrible at cooking.
• Overly critical of others in somewhat cruel ways.
• Tends to be moody.
• Dry humor.
• Bitterly hateful of Vampires.
Nickname No Information
Played by Amanda Seyfried
Age 30 (August 30, 1987)
Sign Virgo
Height 5ft.2in. (159.89 cm)
Weight 128 lbs (58.4 kg)
Occupation Latter Branch Employee
Employer Library
Species Witch
Affiliation Covenless
Sexuality Pansexual
Status Single.
analytical, intimidating, loyal, opinionated, reliable
No Information
1799 - London Slums

Being born into poverty was nothing unusual in the late 1700’s, and Abelle Northrup was no exception. Her mother was a prostitute, an unfortunate woman who had only ever considered the bastard child to be a burden, a hindrance to her work, but she didn’t have the heart to remove the problem - so Abelle was born and utterly undesired. It wasn’t long before the child was discarded, left abandoned at the nearest orphanage with a few shillings wrapped in her blanket. As it was, the orphanage was overrun and underfunded, but they could not leave the infant out to die. She was taken in and room was made, and Abelle found her first unsteady home.

1806 - Coven Marlow

Adoption was never expected. Abelle had learned her place quickly at the orphanage, knowing when to keep her head down and her hands busy. The young babies went more often than the older kids, and Abelle was freshly seven and awkwardly lanky, with far too much snark in her eye. She wasn’t suited for a family, and she was learning to be okay with that. She at least had her books. However, when the lovely Marlow couple came by in search of their “ideal third”, none of the children appealed to them the way young Abelle did, and much to the frustration of their caretaker, Abelle was swiftly taken from that place in the arms of two strangers who were intended to be her new family - a term she’d quickly learned was something much different than she’d ever anticipated.
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