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Wyatt Godfrey
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• Silver-tongue, can talk his way out of anything.
• Great reportive journalist and writer.
• Martial artist with a wrestling background that started his freshman year of high-school.
• Kind-hearted and compassionate
• Passionate about protecting the human race.
• Hot-headed at times.
• Doesn't always think before he leaps.
• Cancer sticks when he's stressed. There have been a lot in his life lately.
• Hates himself, suicidal.
Nickname Wy
Played by Bob Morley
Age 26 (March 12, 1991)
Sign Pisces
Height 5ft. 10in. (177.8 cm)
Weight 160 lbs (73 kg)
Occupation Reporter
Employer The Times-Picayune
Species Human
Affiliation Reaper
Sexuality Heterosexual
Status It's complicated
Broken • Suicidal • Spiteful • Vengeful • Loyal
Wyatt could not be at a lower point in his life. He has lost the one person who meant everything to him, his best friend, his lover... someone there aren't words to describe. He trusted her, and yet she plunged a knife into his back all the same.

When his parents were murdered in 2014 by a creature no one believed existed, she was there for him. Even when he descended into drugs to dull his pain, hooked up with the wrong crowd, and was arrested for assault... she was there, in the background, waiting for him to get his shit together.

When he finally did, they fell completely and totally in love. She was the better part of him. But now... she's gone. She was manipulated, turned against him, until they fought constantly and he sought the solace of another... only leading them further astray.

She left him for good this time, enthralled by the vampires he hates. It has been the ultimate betrayal. There's a huge hole in his heart. He used to be the first one to crack a joke or sing to hip hop on the radio. Now he barely smiles, walking around like a zombie... He has been compulsed not to follow her, trapped with her memory. What's worse, the flash drive with the only evidence of his family's murderers was stolen and he's not sure if it's paranoia or he's being followed...

He will soon come to find out a one night stand resulted in a pregnancy, just as the vampire haunting his steps catches up with him. He will be reunited with that big doe eyed girl, now almost full term... and his life is about to change forever, complete with a new set of fangs.
Wyatt was born to a pair of British immigrant parents, Charles and Eliza Godfrey. His parents acquired a professional work visa and moved to New Orleans in their thirties when his mother got a job at what he believed was a local IT start up company. She was the lead programmer on the project. Young Wyatt was only nine years old, and his father, ex-military and a botanist by trade, stayed home to raise him. They lived out in a rural bayou near the water. Their closest neighbors were seven miles away. Despite the commute this meant for his mother, it was worth it. His father taught him how to fish, boat, hunt, and survive in the bayou alone: to tell which way was north from the moss on the trees, to navigate according to the stars, what vegetation was safe to eat.

What Wyatt wouldn't know until years later was that his mother didn't work for a start up, but Genesis Division. She was working to track the supernaturals, hacking into databases to data mine information for that cause. While doing this, she met two other civilian employees at Genesis, who later moved in nearby. Wyatt's father took to farming and began tutoring both their children Wyatt and their neighbor's daughter. While their children explored the forest and climbed trees, their parents met late at night to pour over their work.

When Wyatt was sixteen, their daughter thirteen, they were forced by CPS to go to public school. There was an initiative by the government to increase education in the rural areas by offering subsidized costs. They sent a bus all the way out to their neck of the woods, gave them half-priced lunches, etc. They were the outsiders from the first day. Wyatt entered junior year and the daughter was a freshman. Wyatt had a hard time with it, always getting into fights. During that time he took up wrestling, which he still does today, incorporating it into his mixed martial arts training.

Despite his bad reputation and their age gap, he looked out for the daughter in school. They stuck together and navigated the treacherous waters of high school. Once he graduated, he went to university in New York. She soon followed. Having visited him on several occasions over the years, she fell in love with the city. When he graduated he moved back to NOLA, leaving her to finish out her studies at NYU.

He got a job working as an entry-level journalist for The Times-Picayune. It put him in a prime position to hear the latest news... which his parents always taught him was a vital necessity. His love for writing was sparked by their family friends back then, mostly because he didn't have his mother's skills with computer code or his father's green thumb.

In 2014, he came over for his parent's usual Saturday night dinner... and found them ripped apart. The police found him on his knees, staring, covered in their blood. His own newspaper reported on it. He made front page news... but not in the way he'd ever intended. He wanted to be in the bylines... not the subject.

The daughter came home from school, transferring to Tulane University. She helped him face going back into his parents' house, cleaning out their stuff, one of the hardest things he's ever done. She let him sit in silence. She let him scream. She weathered the storm.

When they came out the other side, he was forever changed. One day, he was searching through the old house, packing up his parents' things, when he found a false drawer in his mother's desk with a flash drive. On it, he saw creatures that don't, that shouldn't exist. He showed his best friend... and together they began a quest to expose these creatures through grassroots media.

They used the majority of his inheritance to buy a warehouse. They started a new life, and found they weren't the only ones whose lives had been forever altered... ripped apart by things no one believed in. They joined forces with a few others and became vigilantes, spray painting the city with warnings that wolves weren't the only beasts out there.

But this made them a target. The vampires didn't like their secrets being written in paint. They came for Wyatt and his love, and then for the evidence on that flash drive. But what they took from Wyatt was so much more.

They turned his girlfriend, manipulated her from his loving arms into that of another. At first, he didn't know the man who snared her wasn't human. They fought, they broke up, it was messy. He found solace in a one night stand... who many months later would reveal herself to be much more, with his child in her belly.

The vampire that came for them convinced his lover that she loved him instead, exposed Wyatt's indiscretion, ripped them apart, and convinced her to leave the city, taking the flash drive with them. To make sure Wyatt would not follow and keep his mouth shut, he compulsed him to stay and stay silent. Yet, he knew that would not last forever.

So he enlisted the help of another vampire, Rhys who owed him a debt. He instructed him to turn Wyatt and keep him under thumb. It is the cruelest of fates. Killing him would have been more kind, for he will become the thing he blames for his parents' deaths... the thing he hates most in this world. He didn't just lose her, but he is losing himself. And that bloody vampire is probably still laughing about it.
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