Joaquin Ramirez
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• Mechanic, good with his hands
• Drug cartel experience, although he views this as more of a weakness
• Expert at downing a whiskey neat
• Home brews teas & komboocha
• Green thumb. He keeps an herb garden with other... plants used for 'medicinal purposes'
• Shifts with ease as he turned for the first time at a young age
• Deplorable social skills. He hates lots of noise, talkative people
• Racist against non-hispanics. He avoids speaking English unless he's with a customer.
• Racist... speciest (?) against non-guide romantic relationships as his family has kept a pure bloodline. His mother is basically a guide dating service.
• His hair. He is constantly retying his hair in a bun as it rarely obediently stays put.
Nickname Jo, Quin
Played by Mario Blanco
Age 29 (April 8, 1988)
Sign Aries
Height 6ft 1in (185 cm)
Weight 172 lbs (78 kg)
Occupation Mechanic
Employer Bond's Auto Care
Species Guide
Affiliation None
Sexuality Pansexual Heteroromantic
Status Single
Intuitive • Out of Place • Criminal • Illegal • Hippie
Jo is generally pretty quiet. This isn't to say he doesn't have a firm opinion on things. He just doesn't feel the incessant need to fill the silence unless he truly has something to say. He thinks before he speaks, and when he does people tend to listen.

He isn't easily rattled. He's doesn't like many people as a rule. Unless someone ruffles his protective, dominant instincts, he'll only muster up a mild disinterest. He doesn't like to be disrespected, or for members of his family or friends to feel slighted. If he thinks that has happened, he will be the first to speak up. Once he's been pushed to that point though... whatever comes out of his mouth is usually blunt and rude so it doesn't end well in most cases.

From his days growing up in Mexico, he's very close to his indigenous heritage. As a jaguar, he was raised to have a close relationship with nature and the world around him so now that he's older he's carries that sense of respect with him. You'll often catch him drinking tea, refusing to cut his hair, letting his beard go untamed, wearing braided bracelets, and conforming to other assorted "hippie" behaviors. If people from his boyhood gangs could see him now they wouldn't believe it, but that's how he likes it, distancing himself from who he once was.

He has spent the majority of his young life fighting for turf or moving drugs and it weighs heavily on him. He does whatever he can to alleviate the tension from his bones... but it's never enough. He has nightmares to this day of people he watched die in their worldly life and then the next.

His only priority is those he calls family. The rest of the world be damned. He has learned that his family, and the jaguar guides in it are the only ones he can trust.
Joaquin was born in a small town in Mexico. His mother came from a long line of indigenous jaguar guides in a tight knit family with traditional values... but unfortunate ties to the drug cartel.

When he was just twelve, his human uncles started bringing him into the cartel, teaching him how to mule drugs, and survive in a war torn world where drug lords reigned king and corruption ran rampant. His mother hated it, having done all she could to keep her sons away from that life. Yet, he did it under her nose anyways at first, and by the time she found out he was in too deep.

He became accustomed to death, pain, and suffering. He was barely 12 when he first witnessed a person die. Through that trauma, his guide shifting abilities presented extremely early for his age. Shifting became as easy as breathing. But his psychic abilities were something he tried to suppress with drugs or alcohol... because they didn't conform to his life. His first hit was probably at age 13.

As he grew into adulthood the turf wars raged. He was supposed to grow into the role of obedient soldier, but he couldn't kill... No matter how much he dulled his senses the ghost of his victim would pay him a visit...he had to watch them transition to the other side, leaving their loved ones behind.

He knew he had to get out... He was killing himself. But cutting ties wasn't easy. At age 16, he fled across the boarder illegally and got a menial job working in the fields of Texas on a industrial farm willing to look the other way. His mother wrote to him all the time, begging him to come back, but deep down understanding it was likely a better life.

After a while he moved up in the world, started working under the table at an auto body shop. He had some experience fixing tractors and trucks his family used on the farm. He spent the next several years learning about cars and how to tear them apart and build them back up.

Then one day, about 3 years later, his older brother, Carlos reached out to him. Most of his brothers had learned from his mistake and stayed away from the cartels after he left but the wars had gotten worse. Their ties to the cartel that kept them protected were dying out, including his mother's brother. Even those with tangential connections to the cartel members were being wiped out.

Thus, Jo helped set up the particulars to sneak his family into the States, starting with their mother since her brother was a high ranking cartel boss and she was most vulnerable. Her boys practically bound and gagged her to get her on the truck. Thus it started, just her and him in his apartment in Texas.

Then, one of his brothers was smart enough to get into Tulane University with an educational visa, so the family slowly hustled their way east to New Orleans so they could stay together. His mother also knew an old witch there that assured her she could get them set up with an place to live and documentation to avoid too much trouble from police.

Once they arrived, he again took up a job as a mechanic. Come to find out, the shop had an agreement with a local werewolf pack that came calling. They 'cleaned cars' for them, erasing all sign they were stolen. When he found out, Jo was hesitant, not wanting to dirty his hands, but he was illegal and in the end he needed the money. So he did what the boss told him. It wasn't honest work, but it was way better than working for the cartel.

After his brother got his visa, he immediately applied for citizenship but the waiting list was long... Eventually, he got in. Then the family began to apply through their familial relationship to legitimize their residence.

By the time Jo was thirty he saved up enough money to buy the shitty, run down garage he was working in when the owner passed away. Finally he had something that was his. He continued to honor the deals made with the werewolf pack. Over time, he became more and more comfortable with his ties to their little gang of criminals.

Their alpha, Gadiel became a close friend, even if he was a bit of a brute. Because Jo wasn't a wolf, Gadiel didn't try to pull Jo into their world but he made sure he was paid well and his family taken care of. It was a mutually beneficial relationship. It gave Gadiel a contact that was loyal but didn't conform to pack hierarchy, and thus he could speak his mind. There was a sense of honesty between the two men that rarely existed with anyone else in Gadiel's life.

Recently, however, he has been imprisoned, his criminal activity combined with his werewolf status catching up to him. This has left behind his mate as acting alpha and no ties between his pack and the outside world... except Jo. He contacts the alpha thru dreamwalking, keeping the pack informed on his status...

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