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• I like to make graphics, especially ship manips.
• I started out rping cats because the Warrior series was my entire childhood.
• Nallie was the first human character I ever created and I got kicked off of neopets for her wildness.
• I can tell what kind of person you are from what you'd order at Starbucks.
• I can make a really loud popping sound with my mouth and that's the only special talent I have.
• I like making my characters suffer.
• Volleyball is life.
• I really enjoy making and drinking coffee even though it used to be a job.
• Night driving is the best.
• Cold, rainy weather is my jam.
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Yo whattup I'm Kiley, I'm an adult which means I've got adult work responsibilities a lot of the time. I'm also an insomniac though so I always have time to RP. I got into rping on neopets, but was obviously way too much for them because I got banned for saying words like "expression" and "kiss" (THE HORROR!). After that I moved onto real rp sites and haven't gone back since. I live on the west coast in the best state and probably won't ever leave (but definitely won't be going to SoCal, bleh). If you try to make fun of NorCal I will absolutely fight you. Also I think that people who drive Priuses are actually demons sent from hell to torture me and I hear that LA is full of them.
I tend to write 500-800 words depending on how often I go off on thought tangents. I'm all about making my characters suffer through well-executed plots and I'm definitely down to play the long game. I try to keep my characters from becoming static so I really enjoy plots that throw their life off balance in some way. I'm totally fine with my characters being thrown around and maimed or seriously injured, just not killing them, cause I kind of like them even though I'm always hurting them.
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