Nallie Declaire
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Nallie is strong-willed, determined, and very kind-hearted. She also has a pretty unassuming exterior which makes it easy for her to get away with almost anything. All she has to do is smile and she's immediately off the hook.
She is very naive and extremely impressionable, which is dangerous in a creature as powerful as her. Nallie is also afraid to hurt people, even when they want to hurt her, and thinks of herself as a monster. She has a temper that she doesn’t understand and often times can't control.
Nickname No Information
Played by Lily James
Age 28 (November 12, 1988)
Sign Scorpio
Height 5ft. 7in. (170.18cm)
Weight 132 lbs (59.9 kg)
Occupation Unemployed
Employer N/A
Species Vampire
Affiliation Rafe's Shadow
Sexuality Pansexual
Status Single
Kind, naive, joyful, impressionable, hopeful
Nallie is full of contradictions. She was raised to be kind and compassionate, but finds that her nature rebels against that, making her quick-tempered and impulsive. She wants to make friends, but doesn’t trust herself around anyone with a beating heart. Nallie has had a hard time adapting to a world where she isn’t being protected from her own cravings anymore, so even though she wants to learn and experience everything she can, she is terrified of what she would do if she really let herself be free.

She is very well educated and loves to read and learn anything that she can. When she was growing up, she didn't have the television driven lifestyle of those born when she was. Instead she was taught the ways of the world, both human and supernatural, by her mother and her mother's many friends. Still, she wasn't really taught about the social aspects of the human world. Now that she's been released onto what she considers the 'real world', Nallie is eager to learn about anything and everything.

She usually keeps to herself, confused about how exactly she should fit into the world, but again, her nature keeps her from being too solitary and Nallie often finds herself randomly craving attention and conversation, as well as other things. Her mother always taught her to be a young lady by the standards of the time period that she was born in, polite and pure, but clearly that was never what Nallie was meant to be. For this reason, she has a lot of difficulty with her hunger, often feeling embarrassed by what she really wants until it becomes such a strong need that she loses all inhibitions in favor of survival.

As far as relationships go, Nallie has never been in one or even imagined that anyone would want something like her. Until she left, she had never met anyone even remotely close to her age, the closest being Eli and he was nearly 100 years older than her. It made it difficult to have any kind of relationship with anyone other than that of a child or younger sibling. Now that she'd been exposed to a wider array of people, Nallie can see that things like that do exist, that people can love each other as more than just friends or family, and that seems…nice. Other than romantic relationships, Nallie loves the idea of making new friends and can at times consider herself friends with someone when the other person would merely consider her a burden.
Nallie was never a product of love, no matter how often her mother tried to convince her that she was inherently good. Everything about her was bad, everything she did was evil. Her species preyed on others, tricked them via their emotions, told lies in the form of sweet kisses. She wasn’t born evil, but was taken as a young child, stolen by a pair of vampires. She was too young to remember her real parents, but grew up knowing that she was different from those around her. They hid from the sun while she was out playing, they drank from each other’s veins while Nallie ate dinner in another room, they were unlike her, but she never knew anything else. While her mother had long ago given up on the violent part of her vampire nature and now condemned it, she still had a darkness about her that wouldn’t go away. After all, what kind of good creature would steal a child away only to raise her to fear and hate what she’d turn her into?

The woman that she called her mother was cunning and powerful, but always playing a character, too disgusted with the violent tendencies of her species after having lived that way for so long. Her father was also a vampire, a vain one, one who wanted nothing more than to shape something into an image of him, perfect and powerful. When they first met centuries ago it was obvious to most everyone else that they were not a good pairing. Together they were volatile, worse versions of themselves, but what was once an errant thought became a goal that both of them shared. To have something like Nallie. A child who didn’t know what it was to be human, who hadn’t been taught their prejudice yet.

Her father wanted a perfect vampire, untouched by humanity. Her mother wanted to play nurturer, having grown tired of her other roles. And so Nallie was born, but her earliest years were full of fighting that she was too young to remember. Although they had at first had the same goals, that soon changed as Nallie grew. Her mother, Ailis, wanted to raise Nallie in such a way that she would be kind and good, something she had never been. Her father, Leon, wanted the opposite, a powerful daughter who he would one day turn into a powerful vampire. Eventually the war between her parents came to a dangerous conclusion when Leon tried to take Nallie away and Ailis responded with murderous rage.

Ailis moved the two of them away from civilization and anything that Nallie might hear there. They lived outside the city, with visitors coming and going constantly, friends of her mother’s, her family. Nallie was always told that her father died to protect her, but her mother was usually vague with the details, unable to lie to her child, but also unwilling to admit that she was the monster she warned Nallie about. Still, Nallie believed her, what young child would doubt their own mother? As she grew older, her mother attempted to teach her how to be good. Her mother told her that when she was older she wouldn't be good anymore. Ailis had always wanted Nallie to be good, but Nallie was also human, mortal, she would die. She couldn’t bare the thought of losing her, so there was only one solution. One day in the future, Ailis would have to corrupt her perfect, angelic daughter in order to keep her. Until that day though, her mother would do everything in her power to keep her pure and good.

Eli, a friend of her mother’s, had a different plan and was her closest friend growing up. He was always full of life and so eager to tell Nallie about everything she was missing being cooped up in her home. When she turned 18, her mother turned her. It wasn’t ceremonious and Nallie hardly remembers the day, having been compelled to forget it all. She struggled at first, unaware of what was happening to her, but sure that this was her becoming “bad”. For two years Nallie adjusted to being a vampire, to no longer being able to go out into the sun, to always being thirsty. But she never knew true hunger, even if she thought she had. Her mother and the vampires she lived with fed on animals, and so that was all Nallie had ever experienced. She didn't know that she would seek to destroy what she had once been if she was ever around a human again. Although seeing another human being became more and more unlikely every day.

She’d been kept away from the human world, only hearing about it from Eli. Nallie became restless with the day to day monotony, practically begging her mother to be allowed to go into a human town with Eli, just for an hour for Eli to get more propane from the local gas station. Nallie would stay in the car the entire time. Ailis agreed, but Nallie’s trip was not without incident. She been minding her business in the car, entranced by the neon lights in the windows of the gas station. Eli had been distracted by his task and didn’t notice that the night clerk who he was talking to wasn’t the only person out at the rural gas station. The clerk’s girlfriend had come out to see if she needed anything. The results were…undesirable. The incident horrified Nallie, who had never seen how violent, how terrifying vampires could be. How vulnerable humans were. How horrible and out of control she was. Eli cleaned up the mess, but when they returned home, Nallie and Eli weren’t greeted by the calm, understanding mother she had come to know, but a cruel and vicious woman.

That was the first time that she saw her mother as she really was. She banished Eli, effectively taking away the only real friend that Nallie had. That’s was the day that Nallie realized that behind the mask she was nothing more than the powerful, terrifying, cruel woman she warned her about. And Nallie couldn’t trust it. The older she got, the more suspicious she was of her mother, of the omissions of truth. One day, it all came to a head when Nallie demanded to know exactly what had happened to her father. She drilled and drilled and drilled until her mother had no more half truths to tell. Only the truth. She had murdered him for trying to make Nallie something she didn’t want her to be. A vampire.

The knowledge of her mother’s heartlessness turned Nallie’s world upside-down. She couldn’t live with a hypocrite, she couldn’t be lied to indirectly anymore. Nallie needed to find out who she really was, not who someone wanted her to be. So she left, or rather was allowed to leave. While Ailis was evil and clearly not above murdering those closest to her, she could never hurt Nallie. She was convinced that she’d learn her lesson and come crawling back when the humans that interested Nallie so much turned out to be even worse monsters than she was. Of course she didn’t go far, but the emotional distance she put between her and her mother was huge. Now that she’s on her own, Nallie is excited to finally be able to experience life, but terrified that she’s incapable of controlling herself. Despite her fears she is excited about being able to become what her mother never wanted her to be. Herself.
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