Dylan Mercier
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Dylan is capable of taking care of herself in a physical confrontation, but is also good at getting what she wants without having to reach that point. She is very independent and confident in herself, but also fiercely protective of those close to her.
She is very paranoid about other people's intentions which makes it difficult for her to trust. Dylan is extremely impulsive with a bad temper, but finds it difficult to express emotions that she thinks reveal weakness. She won’t back down when challenged, even with impossible odds, which often gets her in trouble.
Nickname No Information
Played by Ivana Baquero
Age 22 (April 2, 1995)
Sign Aries
Height 5ft. 3in. (160 cm)
Weight 123 lbs (55.8 kg)
Occupation Ex-Con
Employer Apex
Species Werewolf
Affiliation Apex Pack
Sexuality Heteroflexible
Status Dating Logan Bennett
Impulsive, loyal, fragile, strong, blunt
Not many people actually know who the real Dylan is. Her peers see an angry, mean girl who they should avoid. Men see a careless slut who can show them a good time if they get enough liquor in her. Her elders see a spoiled brat without proper respect for authority and no sense of responsibility. It isn’t by accident though, Dylan wants them to see her as a disrespectful brat, a whore, someone you couldn’t possibly get close to. But beyond her hard exterior, there’s something much more fragile. Dylan is actually a very caring and emotional person, especially in regards to those who she holds dearest. Under all the eye rolls, sarcasm, and blank stares there's a person who will latch on to someone emotionally and become a very different, kind and caring version of herself around them.

Although she is a wolf, and by nature, is pack oriented, Dylan has always been very independent. Its not unusual for her to be off by herself, trying to escape the hectic nature of a pack with all its noise and lack of personal space. She can't be secretive, but she often tries to keep things to herself. Still, that shouldn’t be mistaken for weakness. Dylan is very dominant and very opinionated. She’s been known to ignore her rank in more conservative packs where she should be lower than the males and speaks her mind regardless of who she pisses off. Dylan's entire personality is a constant battle between wanting to dominate, wanting to belong, and wanting to just be left alone.

She very much dislikes being involved in drama, but is often a quiet observer, only giving input when she knows that she's right. However, when Dylan does decide to speak her mind, it is impossible for her not to be heard and she will back up her words with physical action if needed. Although she doesn't instigate fights, she's also never shied away from one.

As far as romance goes, Dylan's perception of love was ruined when her father essentially tried to auction her off to the highest bidder. She doesn't really think that it exists and is often very pessimistic about other people's relationships. However, she would always remember small things about how her mother and father were before she died. How much they loved each other, even if it ended up destroying the both of them. Those small glimpses of happiness, however bittersweet, are what kept a faint spark of hope alive in her. That's why when she found Logan, although she fought it like hell, Dylan couldn’t help but want it. The idea of being owned was terrifying, but given the chance to see what it really could be like with someone like Logan made it impossible to resist. She wouldn't call it love…it's something else entirely. Something better than love…that awful thing that destroyed her life.
Dylan was born to an alpha and the only other female in a family of wolves. Her father was very old and very traditional, his mindset a remnant of the social attitudes back before the United States was a real country. He ran his pack in a militaristic fashion and rarely allowed female wolves in, believing them to be weaker and essentially useless to his cause. The only exception to that rule was when one of his wolves found a mate and even then the pairs usually left at some point, discouraged by their alpha’s blatant sexism and lack of empathy. The only exception to his attitude towards women was Dylan's mother with whom he shared a connection that not even his prejudice could allow him to deny.

Eventually Dylan became the second exception. The only reason she didn't die in the womb is because her mother knew a witch whom she had been friends with all her life. Her mother had responsibilities and a public image to uphold. In such a small town, her mother's sudden disappearance would have created suspicion, so instead of carrying her child as a wolf, Dylan's mother remained human. With the constant care from that witch, her mother was able to carry her to term, but it came at a cost. Although the witch knew the spell, she didn't have all that much experience using it. Her mother still had to fight at times to keep herself from shifting, especially in the later stages of her pregnancy.

The emotional and physical burden on her mother was immense, but her father suffered also. He had to watch the woman that he loved slowly deteriorate, becoming both violently angry and intensely weak at the same time. He hoped that his wife would be okay, along with the baby that she loved so much, and that they’d emerge from all the pain stronger than before. This was not the case.

Dylan was born on the night of a full moon. The stress that this put on her mother and the witch nearly killed both of them, but after hours and hours of horrifically painful and stressful labor, Dylan was born. Her mother was unconscious when the witch handed her over to her father, having expected to have a boy he had only planned for a male name. And although he was now presented with a daughter, he still thought it appropriate to name her Dylan. By the time her mother her mother was healthy and conscious again the name had stuck.

They all thought they'd made it out okay, but after a few months it became clear that something had changed in her mother. All that time spent fighting her wolf and having it pushed down by magic had taken its toll. Her mind was chaotic, jumping from anger to happiness without reason. By the time that she was three, her mother was on a downward spiral that no one could stop.

Her parents tried to keep it from her even as her mother's hysteria became worse and worse. Dylan still remembers the bad days where her mother was so depressed that she wouldn't leave her bed for days at a time. She remembers the days that she frantically ran around the house planning a trip that they would never take, but mostly she tries to remember the good days. The in-betweens where her mother taught her how to tie her shoes or help her finger paint on the walls regardless of how her father would feel about it. And she tries very hard not to remember the worst day of her life.

Dylan was only four and a half when her mother took her life after a horrible bout of depression. The impact on her family and her pack was horrible. After months of grief, her father emerged from the tragedy a changed man. There was no more laughter in their house, no more happiness. Everything was business. Formal. Planned. He had to control everything, because he'd lost control of the one thing that mattered most to him.

She wasn't neglected as she grew up, not in the traditional sense of the word, but her father's love had waned. He wasn't convincing enough when he tried to pretend to care about the child that had killed the love of his life. When Dylan was just barely old enough not to be considered a child, he started planning her future. All she ever heard was about was what she would do to be useful to the pack. She was a female and the only way that her father could see her mattering was if he could get an alliance of sorts with a neighboring pack via her marriage to one of them.

She needed to help the pack prosper and her father wasn’t above trading his daughter for more territory to ensure that happened. Dylan wasn’t allowed to go anywhere on her own, her father pulled her out of school and had her homeschooled. As she got older, he even prevented her from seeing the rest of the pack, worried that they’d corrupt her, make her invaluable. Dylan was a prisoner in her own home. When she turned eighteen all the talk about finding her a mate became a reality. Her father started searching them out, wolves from other packs, people she didn't even know. His promise was his daughter, a female wolf, in exchange for their loyalty and their territory. She was being sold.

Dylan wasn't having any of it. For a couple years she held them all at bay. Dylan made herself as unappealing as possible to any of the wolves her father invited over. Who wanted an angry, disrespectful, cold woman as a mate? And with the rumors of her promiscuity around town, they couldn't even be sure she was what her father had promised. Her choice had been taken from her. Her future wasn't her own and she hated her father for it. So she’d ruin his happy ending, she’d disappoint him over and over again to punish him for what he was doing to her. One day, her father lost it. She’d slept with one of the subs in their pack and the coward had turned himself in. He stormed around the house in a rage, accusing her of wanting the pack to fail, of ignoring her responsibility to them. Of being a traitor. Dylan lost it right back. After a fit of screaming and more than a few punches thrown, she retreated to her room. That night Dylan packed her things, broke out of the house, stole a car and drove as far as she could.

She couldn't do it anymore, couldn't live in a pack who was supposed to be her family but treated her like property. Dylan wanted to escape her past and all the bad memories that haunted her. She drove south, hoping she would be able to escape her father by creating a new life for herself. However it seemed that pain followed her wherever she went. The pack that she joined was nearly decimated and Dylan lost many of the people who had given her hope again. While the remaining wolves struggled to heal and rebuild their lives Dylan met Logan, her future mate, at what felt like the worst time possible. After almost ruining everything more than once, Dylan finally allowed Logan in…right before they were both hauled off to prison with the rest of Logan’s pack. Now fresh out of prison, Dylan has to cope with all her fears and the new life that she has been given.
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