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Will is very level-headed in most situations. He is also extremely helpful, friendly, and will go out of his way to help others. Will is very loyal and family oriented and would die to protect anyone he loves.
Will tends to use alcohol as a method for coping with difficulties, which he encounters almost daily. He's also very fearful that he's going to turn out like his father, so he's shied away from his abilities more than he should have.
Nickname No Information
Played by Joshua Sasse
Age 27 (August 25, 1990)
Sign Virgo
Height 6ft. 0in. (182.9 cm)
Weight 168 lbs (76 kg)
Occupation Self-Employed
Employer Owner of Cafe
Species Witch
Affiliation Solitary
Sexuality Heterosexual
Status Single
Caring, strong, broken, selfless, smart
Will has a very easy going kind of personality. His parents were too loud and outgoing when he was a child for him to become anything other than the calm to balance out their crazy. He's a very friendly person, but isn't always as genuine as he appears to be. From a young age he figured out that if you were nice to someone or you just agreed with them, they wouldn't bother you with their arguments. That's not to say that he doesn't have his own very strong beliefs, but he'd rather not start a discussion with someone he knows will just try to tell him he's wrong.

His temperament is perfect for his job since he's very good at being patient with people and also good at making angry people happy. Will has a way of making people feel like he's on their side when he's really just steering them in the direction of doing what he wants them to while making them think it was their idea. It's not very easy to upset or anger him and even when he is angry it usually goes unnoticed.

Will has never been overly concerned with surrounding himself with friends, family, or lovers. In the past all of those have let him down at some point and he just doesn't see the point in putting effort into something if it's all going to go to shit. For that reason, all of his relationships have to be effortless in order for them to survive. At the first sign of trouble, Will tends to jump ship, whether that be ignoring texts, starting to become emotionally distant, or straight up telling people it's not going to work out. He doesn't do it out of spite, but more because he doesn't want to waste his or anyone else's time.

When he drinks, he becomes something entirely different from his calm, level-headed self. Will is very emotional and way too friendly. There's a saying that alcohol is a truth serum and this is certainly true for Will. He stops pushing people away and instead becomes extremely clingy, losing all inhibitions. The reason for this is probably that deep down he wants those connections that he doesn't have, but is simply too afraid to look for them, afraid it'll all fall through like it has before.

His attitude toward other supernaturals depends on what species they are. His own parents' experiences have given him a deep mistrust of vampires in general. He'd rather just avoid them entirely, but if he does ever happen across one, he tries not to draw attention to himself. His mother was very close with a wolf while she was alive and Will regarded the wolf as an aunt to him, even if he began to catch up to her in how old she appeared to be. Unfortunately, that wolf was destroyed with Morrigan and Will distanced himself anyway after losing his mother. Still, Will has always had a great relationship with the werewolf community.

He's never come across a guide, but would likely treat them the same way that he treats wolves. However, Will absolutely despises the human vigilantes targeting werewolves. Any person that goes around trying to kill innocent creatures just for being what they are (not for killing that they claim they do) doesn't deserve to live. He tends to keep that opinion to himself though.
Will was born and raised in New Orleans by his mother and father, both of whom were witches and in their late thirties. Right up until the point that they found out his mother was pregnant, they'd had no reason to have a child and had never even thought about it. Both of them had responsibilities elsewhere and were fulfilled enough just having each other. In fact, Will was anything but planned, but that didn't mean that his parents didn't love him from the moment he was born. They never expected to have a child, but once they did, they couldn’t imagine a life without Will. He suddenly became their world. They were an odd family, but they worked well together, each of them fit into the perfect place.

Both of his parents were very active witches, constantly practicing the craft and very involved in their coven. He grew up in a world full of magic and thought that he was a witch already growing up. To his dismay, he didn’t yet have the abilities that his parents did, but they promised him that he’d learn everything they knew in time.

His mother had an affinity for earth and was particularly focused on healing abilities, but was also a bit eccentric and very much obsessed with the nontraditional. She healed people in the back of the cafe that her father had passed down to her, completely dedicated to a lifestyle of helping others and finding better ways to do so. The moment anyone stepped into the hallway towards the back of the cafe, the smell of coffee would disappear and be replaced by the strong scent of sage and lavender. Will spent a lot of time with her, both in the cafe and back in her workroom among all the crystals and herbs that she insisted healed common ailments.

His father was more comfortable with the fire element, but never used it for destructive purposes. For most of Will's childhood, his dad was a role model. He was a great father, a loving husband, and dedicated to his craft. Alike his mother, he was loud and outgoing with a contagious laugh. Everyone who met him loved him.

His parents' outgoing and out-there personalities overshadowed his own much more subdued lifestyle, but he didn't mind. They made his life interesting even if he sometimes wanted to escape all the noise and people that they brought with them. While he was a kind, caring child, he just wasn’t as happy in crowds as his parents were. He much preferred quiet, or just some calm background noise, which is part of the reason he loved the cafe so much.

As he became older he began to feel like he was the only adult in the family, having to make sure that his parents remembered their more human responsibilities like laundry, taxes, actually getting their mail more than once a month. Again though, he didn't mind. Will loved his parents, even with all of their eccentric ways. As a teenager he started working at the cafe to help his mother and they soon found that he was a natural. And not just in regards to making coffee.

Will, who had always been somewhat reserved and shy, was very good at dealing with customers. He could easily calm people down, but still got what he wanted from them and he was pretty happy with the job. Pretty soon, much of the responsibility of the front of the house fell on him, with his mother in the back working on one of her various projects and his father off somewhere with his nose in a book trying to advance his learning as a witch. Will didn’t mind the responsibility and enjoyed just being around his family, even if they were all doing different things.

However, into his later teens, his father began to act differently. He'd distanced himself from the coven and from his family, slowly but surely becoming more and more secluded. The only time he ever spoke to Will was to tell him that he better not squander his abilities, especially now that they’d found out that he also had an affinity for fire. His father insisted that he should be proud of what he was and not afraid of it, although Will didn’t remember anyone telling him that being gifted in fire was a bad thing. And the erratic behavior only got worse.

He disappeared for months at at time, leaving Will and his mother worried about where he'd gone. Each time he returned he seemed to have changed, to become more unhinged. Will suspects that his mother knew what was going on even before it became obvious, but at a certain point even Will couldn't deny it anymore. They knew what was going on, but neither of them were sure how to approach the situation, especially not when the mention of it sent his father into a fit of nonsensical complaints. Not only had his father started practicing magic with horrible intentions, but he'd also gone crazy in the process.

Both he and his mother tried to talk to his father, to find any way to pull him back from the brink, but they’d both realized that he wasn’t the man they knew anymore. He didn’t care about his coven, about his son, about his wife. The only thing he cared about was power.

Not long after Will graduated from high school, his father had been caught by a nest of vampires after performing truly awful magic on one of their members. The consequences of his failures had been horrifying and the fact that he'd tried it at all was awful. Will and his mother had tried so hard to keep him from doing something he would regret, but no matter how much they loved him, they couldn't stand behind what he'd done, not that they would have had the chance anyway. He paid for his mistake with his life. Will went to college on the other side of the country, unable to deal with the memories he had in New Orleans. He stayed there for seven years, falling into a new coven, but remained close with his mother.

Her death came as a shock to him. It seemed that all those years of healing others had taken a toll on her, but he knew that she wouldn't have had it any other way. At the age of 25 he returned to New Orleans to run his family's business and keep the memory of his mother alive.
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