Rivka Vardi
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Riv is self-sufficient and very independent, but also extremely loyal. She is very good at reading people, skilled in combat, and is extremely focused.
She is very self-sacrificing, almost to a fault. Riv is far too stubborn and gets into arguments when she knows she's right, which is often. Her quietness is often misinterpreted as weakness. Riv is also very unsure of herself when it comes to love and tends to avoid it if at all possible.
Nickname No Information
Played by Inbar Lavi
Age 91 (December 9, 1925)
Sign Sagittarius
Height 5ft. 3in. (160 cm)
Weight 119 lbs (53.9 kg)
Occupation Ex-Con
Employer Apex Corp.
Species Werewolf
Affiliation Apex Pack
Sexuality Domsexual
Status Jaxon Ezra will kill you
Intelligent, Loyal, Level-headed, Good, Protective
Riv is the kind of person you don’t get to know right away. She has to really be able to trust someone to open up and show them the side of her that most don’t see. On that same note, she is also very good at reading people and has capitalized on that skill during her time in Apex. Riv is quiet, but not in the sense that she is too weak to speak up. She prefers to remain silent and assess a situation fully before stepping in and taking control or speaking up if she needs to.

This is also how she acts as a dominant wolf. Rivka is extremely self-assured, very strong and confident in her skills. She knows her place in the pack, but naturally falls into higher rank by sheer force of will. Riv definitely puts people in their place when she needs to, but doesn’t constantly put on a show of force without any need to do so. Mostly, her dominance can be characterized by how confident she is in herself despite her size. Riv is not afraid of confrontation and will never back down when she knows that she’s right.

Loyalty is something that is very important to her, especially considering that her pack mates are also the same people that she risks her life with every time they go on a mission. Once you have Riv’s trust, you have it for the rest of your life. It takes either time or an act like saving her life, to gain it, but after that she wouldn’t cross you unless you did something so horrible that she couldn’t justify it anymore. Those that have her trust are also the people that get to see a deeper side of her. She can be funny, outgoing, and loving, but only when she is comfortable enough to do so.

As far as relationships go, Riv is the exact opposite of romantic. Events in her past made her very closed off to any kind of physical relationship unless she is absolutely certain the person is someone she can trust. That makes it very difficult for her to even consider romantic relationships. She is also reluctant to form that kind of bond for the fear of what would happen to her if it was broken, which is a very likely possibility with the life that she lives. Oddly enough, that same logic hasn’t kept her from bonding with her pack like they were her own flesh and blood.
Rivka was born during a time of turmoil for her people. The British Mandate of Palestine and the subsequent tension that resulted in the area as Arab and Jewish people were forced to intermingle, led to riots and all out revolts. When Rivka was seven, her parents were killed during one of the riots, leaving her an orphan in a dangerous world. She was sent to live with her aunt and uncle who already had six of their own kids to look after. They didn’t have the time or the resources to raise another child and while they gave her a roof over her head, Riv was on her own from a very young age.

Like her parents, Riv was very passionate about helping her people, but there wasn’t much that a young girl could do in a world where everything was stacked against her. Her opportunity came when Riv joined the Hagana, a Jewish paramilitary organization which became the core of the Israeli Defense Forces, at the age of sixteen. Shortly after joining, she volunteered in the British assisting forces during World War II as a driver, seeking to help in a fight against a country that hated her people. It was then that Riv realized this was her purpose in life, fighting for what was right to save those who could not save themselves.

After the war ended, Riv remained in the Hagana as talk began to circulate about an Israeli war for independence. In 1948, during the Arab-Israeli War, Riv became a member of the Israeli Defense Forces. Due to manpower shortages women took part in land battles and Riv trained to become an excellent solider. Riv fought all throughout the war, trying to help gain independence for her people. It was a cause that she believed in fully, a cause that would effect the course of history. And more than that, Riv didn't want anymore children to have to lose their families, to be orphaned by a war that didn't have to happen if people considered others. So she threw herself in to combat, proving herself to be very valuable.

While serving as a front-line soldier in January of 1949, Riv was captured and held as a prisoner of war. The extent of the torture she endured is something she rarely ever speaks about. Very few people actually know what happened aside from those who were around when she was found. Even then, neither Logan or Haidar ever mention that time in her life other than to say that she was captured. Riv won’t talk about it and won’t allow others to talk about it, simply because the memories themselves are too painful. In fact, after the Arab-Israeli war, women were barred from front-line positions in the IDF due to concerns about what female soldiers experienced as POWs. As the days went on, they refused to let her die and Riv believed that she would never escape the hell that she was in. However, peace talks had already begun and by March, her captors realized that their war was over, but they weren’t prepared to leave anyone in their compound alive. The captor sent to finish her off happened to be a werewolf. Rather than simply kill her and be done with it, the bastard mauled her and left her for dead, one last act of mercilessness before they fled the premises.

While on a mission to retrieve a diplomat being held in the same compound, Logan found Riv just barely clinging to life. Pretty much everyone that he was with doubted she could pull through and wondered if she would even want to live after what she'd been through, but Logan decided that no one deserved to die like that, alone in a place where they’d been tortured for months. He took her with them and a couple days later Riv awoke in a strange place, somehow having survived.

Still, she didn't yet think she was safe. Almost everyone around her was a threat simply because she didn’t know them. Why should she trust them? She was overwhelmed and didn’t know their language, but what she did know was that Logan had saved her. That was all Riv needed to know to put all her trust in him. With the help of Logan and Haidar, who bridged the language gap and made her feel comfortable for the first time in a year, Riv soon adjusted to her new life as a werewolf. After she recovered, Riv joined his pack and Apex. And she hasn’t looked back since, especially not when the world turned its back on all of them.

Riv moved with the rest of the pack to New Orleans, assuming a new identity and tried to blend in with the humans that hated them so much. As part of her identity, Riv had to live closely with Haidar, who her wolf had determined would be her mate. What Riv could never express was that she loved Haidar, just not in the way that their wolves wanted. After living for several months in her own personal hell thinking that she was ruining Haidar’s life by existing, the two of them finally sat down and had a real conversation, settling all of the miscommunications and finding that they’d both been suffering when they could have fixed things decades ago.

With the weight taken off of their shoulders, both of them were able to see the world more clearly. Haidar found Ruan, completely releasing the two of them from their wolves' desires. Everything seemed to be going well with her pack and with her one life. That is, until everything fell apart. Apex was ambushed in their own home and hauled off to prison. Riv’s hatred for humans grew. She couldn’t see it as some of the others did, she couldn't consider that they were simply misguided and afraid. They were murderers, they’d taken her family and she was going to kill every last one of them.
I'm stuck with him

He saved my life and then gave me a new one

A good friend who I will always love

Sometimes I want to kill him, but usually he's pretty okay
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