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James is extremely intelligent, but only about what he cares about. He is very self-sufficient and has been taking care of himself since he was a young child. He can also be very charming when he decides to be, although it is almost always to get what he wants.
He has pretty much no empathy, so while he can understand when he should feel bad for someone, he's sometimes late to pretending. James is also very easily distracted, often losing focus if something isn't entertaining enough. He also has a tendency of overestimating his control over a situation and is often over confident.
Nickname No Information
Played by Daniel Sharman
Age 25 (June 29, 1992)
Sign Cancer
Height 6ft. 2in. (187.9 cm)
Weight 183 lbs (83 kg)
Occupation Bartender
Employer The Dungeon
Species Human
Affiliation Human
Sexuality Pansexual
Status Single
Sadistic, selfish, cunning, resourceful, sarcastic
At the core of his being, James is selfish. Whatever he does has to be something that will be good for him, regardless of what it means for others around him. Outwardly, he’s a pretty cheerful person, or maybe it's that he’s dark and mysterious, no wait, courageous and strong. The point is, James will be whoever you want him to be. He learned years ago that his real self isn’t someone that other people want to know. They didn’t like a little boy who found joy in other people's pain. They couldn’t handle a kid who snapped for no reason at all, lashing out in violent ways with no remorse. So James decided to be someone else, at least for them, just to blend in, to not be followed by the watchful eye of a concerned foster parent or teacher.

Still, he never changed who he really was. James is calm and cunning, always searching for the next opportunity to get something that he wants. His focus made him an excellent soldier, but his lack of empathy would have made him a monster if he hadn’t been discharged when he was. He is extremely intelligent, having found that its necessary in order to really get ahead in a world so focused on success and progress.

James has a morbid fascination with all things to do with death, blood, and pain. Its always been so interesting to him how weak human flesh is and how easy it is to break bones. Most people don’t think they’re strong enough to do it, but he’s always found it's more of a mental block. You could easily bite through your own finger if you wanted to, its just that most people are too afraid to even try. Growing up, James inflicted a lot of pain on others, but as a soldier he found that he also liked being in pain himself. It was a reminder of his mortality, a new way to feel alive.

Now, as an adult on his own, free from the system and free from the military, James has more time than he knows what to do with. The only boundaries he has are the stupid laws that society allows themselves to be dictated by, but James has never been one for rules. He makes his own. And he loves breaking all of them. It's easy enough to get out of trouble if you have the right tools. For James, one of those tools is his body. He was fortunate enough to be born with a face and a body that other people found desirable and of course uses it to his advantage. Sex is a tool as much as it is a pleasurable experience for him. He never feels anything though, he might pretend to for the sake of the other person if he’ll end up getting something out of it, but James has never cared about anyone other than himself, and he can’t imagine that ever changing.
The moment that James was born, he was off to a pretty bad start. His mother had gotten pregnant as a teenager and had hidden her pregnancy from her family and everyone else that she knew, including the father. The thought of being a parent was scary, but the thought of losing her deadbeat boyfriend if he found out was terrifying. So instead she pretended like it wasn’t happening. The only person who even knew was her best friend, who only found out when his mother went into labor and begged her not to tell anyone when she took her to the hospital. After he was born, she put him up for adoption without a second thought.

He was healthy and seemed pretty perfect despite his mother’s lack of prenatal care, so he was adopted almost immediately by a couple who had struggled with having a child of their own. James’ earliest years were actually pretty wonderful. His adoptive parents loved and doted on him and it seemed like the misfortune that he’d experienced as an infant wouldn’t follow him into the rest of his life. Unfortunately, when James was three, his adoptive parents were killed in a car crash. Neither of them had any close family and their more distant relatives wouldn’t take him, having been estranged from the two anyway. The only place for him to go was into the system. And that’s where the real trouble began.

James bounced from home to home, never finding a place that he really fit in. He didn’t play well with the other children in the homes, and his foster parents often found bite marks or bruises on the other children. They always pointed the finger at James. When asked why he’d hurt his friends, James always replied with, “I felt like it." Obviously, that response never sat well with the adults. As he got older, James began to realize that the more he got into trouble, the more he had to move. He became better at hiding it, better at lying. By the age of ten, most of his foster parents would say that he was a really nice kid, very helpful and always cheerful, but then something would happen. Another kid would end up with a broken arm or would accidentally get cut by something sharp. And again, the blame would be placed on James. And then he’d be moved again. It wasn’t that he didn’t deserve it, but it also wasn’t helping the situation.

By the time that he was in his early teens, he’d pretty much figured out how to fend for himself. The system wasn’t going to do him any favors, so he’d have to make it on his own. James did well in school, fully realizing that the only way he was going to make it was by actually succeeding in a way that was acceptable for normal people. Being smart also made it so his teachers and the other adults in his life felt sympathy towards him whenever another incident happened. He got in a fight at school? Well then he was just ‘rambunctious’, but such a smart boy. Someone found a pocketknife in his locker? He was ‘troubled’, but so gifted.

That’s when James began to realize how easy it was to get away with things when you pretended to be what everyone wanted you to be. He became a popular kid in School, blending in as a regular kid, but also someone with influence and power. For as much as he lacked empathy and regular hobbies, James made up for it by pretending to have both. He played sports, had a couple girlfriends, acted out a normal life. There were some mishaps here or there, but what could you expect from a kid who’d been what he’d been through? He was just ‘lashing out’.

In his senior year of High school, James got involved in an ROTC program. Most of his teachers encouraged it, thinking it would help to straighten him out. For James, it was a promise that he’d be able to escape, that he wouldn’t be in the system anymore, that he’d get to do what he wanted, live a different life. The moment he turned eighteen he enlisted in the army. He was deployed shortly after graduating from high school and was finally free of a system he hated.

As a soldier, James discovered that he was really good at killing. He excelled at marksmanship and always seemed to be two steps ahead. Everyone around him said that he was a great soldier, focused and efficient. And why wouldn’t he be? He loved it. James loved the sound of gunfire, the smell of burning buildings and all that blood. There was blood everywhere. It almost got to the point where James found it comical that they put so much effort into being camouflaged. Why bother when the moment their weak flesh opened up, they were painted red, a perfect target.

He didn’t feel the emotional burden of war that his fellow soldiers experienced. When someone he knew died, James of course put on a mourning face for the sake of the others, but it was just a consequence of war, they should know that. Being shot at didn’t bother him, actually being shot was even better. The pain of bullet ripping through his shoulder and arm was something that James couldn’t even put into words. The feeling of his own blood soaking through his clothes, the agony of metal tearing into his skin in such a violent fashion, lodging in his bones...indescribable. James loved it.

Unfortunately, the injury required extensive surgery on his shoulder to remove the bullet fragments and get his arm back into working order. With his enlistment up, James was unable to re-enlist because of the effects of his injury on his range of motion, which he thought was a bullshit reason not to let him do what he’s best at. That left him to return to civilian life and try to figure out his purpose there. He returned to his hometown of New Orleans, ready to start on a life there without the burden of the system. However, James grew restless, his fascination with blood an itch that he couldn’t scratch as a normal person. He needed something else, something to satisfy those dark urges, so he turned to the nightlife. After all, this is New Orleans a city rich in history. Voodoo, Mardi Gras, murder rates through the roof, and now a known population of werewolves. There’s something for everyone, and a whole lot for James.
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