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Cora Laurent
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• Manipulation. Everything she does or says has a motive. She’s calculating and controlling. Has years of experience getting what she wants and toying with others.

• Cultured. Speaks four languages: French, Japanese, Spanish, and Italian. Can play the piano and the harp. Loves history and is frequently found at art auctions.

• Murder with discretion. A survival skill acquired over the years in a world that could never understand her.
• Beauty. Cherishes beauty. Makes her weak. It’s equivalent to her appreciation of art. She likes to surround herself with beautiful people who are like works of art to her.

• Humanity. Not all of her humanity is gone, with most of the bad parts left. Such as the seven sins of wrath, gluttony, sloth, vanity, and envy.

• She is as strong as she is weak. Quite vulnerable in reality and not the little world she makes you believe she’s living in.
Nickname Cor, Cory
Played by Bella Hadid
Age 113 (June 13, 1904)
Sign Gemini
Height 5ft. 7.5in. (171.45 cm)
Weight 136lbs (61.7 kg)
Occupation Manager
Employer The Dungeon
Species Ghoul
Affiliation None
Sexuality Bisexual
Status Widow
Manipulative, Vain, Charismatic, Mischievous, Temperamental
On the outside, Cora is hard to read. Her face is stoic and emotionless, almost like a porcelain doll.

She is well-mannered and walks like she’s balancing books on her head. Always very well put together, her wardrobe is exclusively designer and diamonds are her best friend. She often spends hours in the mirror perfecting her hair and makeup. One would think she spends so much time in the mirror because she’s waiting for it to tell her who is the fairest of them all.

Not very open at first, her actions speak louder than her words. She’s confident but suspicious of others, especially in today’s environment. When she does get to talking, her words are clever and sharp.

Although, the more she talks, the more she is able to manipulate you. Her dark and mysterious energy draws in curious minds, taking control of others by wrapping around them like a snake before she can choke the life out of you. Cora is very dominating, she likes control, and considers playing with people a hobby.

Cora is a Gemini, an air sign, ruled by the planet Mercury. A mutable sign, she is well adapted to change and therefore can get bored easily. She’s always seeking out new and novel things which can get her into trouble.

Like the wind, she is unpredictable and you never know what side of the Gemini you’re going to get. Her moods vary and she can be quite sweet or going off on a warpath. Sometimes even the smallest of things can set her off while other times she’s laid back.

Overall, she is highly critical of everything, picks things apart and is never truly satisfied. It’s because she’s truly empty and immortal. Having died once, a part of her never came back, leaving a sense of emptiness. This emptiness she fills with gluttony; cars, jewels, clothes, makeup, shoes. She stresses to keep up with the times also for a sense of fulfillment.

Cora is highly envious of the living. She never looks anything less than perfect trying to compete these beautiful, living girls who wander into her club. Despite her jealousy, she admires them, sometimes preferring to collect them or to kill them if they’re just too pretty.

Outside of the club, Cora prefers her solitude. This softer side of the Gemini enjoys art, history, literature, and classical music. She is charismatic and has a sense of humor; usually laughing at others and her presence can be enjoyable...on a full stomach.
In 1904, Cora Marie Laurent was born in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Her parents were Jacques Laurent, heir to a wine merchant empire, and Antonia Moretti, daughter of the don of the Morretti crime family. Both were human. She had two siblings, an identical twin sister and a younger brother. Her brother is the grandfather to the current don of the Moretti crime family. She is considered long dead and all but forgotten by the family.

Cora’s parents were both alcoholics and had a tumultuous marriage. She was raised by nannies as her mother was a busy New Orleans socialite and her father would be gone for several days at a time, making trips to bring back wine from France.

When she was fourteen years old, the family relocated to New York so that her father could cash out on Prohibition. The banning of alcohol fueled a new trend of dancing in dark restaurants to jazz music that would come to be known as nightlife. The business of bringing alcohol to these places was lucrative.

Cora enjoyed the beat of New York from a young age, interested in the glitz and the glamour of the roaring twenties. Her identical twin was married at eighteen and moved back down south. Cora on the other hand wore her hair short and dressed in flapper style. She was notorious around town and there was often gossip about her in the paper.

At 23, her father died of cirrhosis of the liver from a long life of heavy drinking. His death caused Cora to never touch another drink. Not long after, she fell in love with a man from her hometown of New Orleans. They married and moved back to Louisiana, closer to her sister, with plans to start a family.

Cora was only back in New Orleans for six months when she fell ill with tuberculosis. Her husband had caught it from her, but his condition deteriorated rapidly and he passed away in the bed next to her in a tuberculosis ward.

Over her deathbed, Cora’s mother cried for days in her diamonds and furs. She was by far the most glamorous woman in the ward and that did not go unnoticed. A very strange series of events soon followed.

One day, a witch doctor wandered into the ward looking to make an offer to the right client. He was sincere and apologized to Mrs. Laurent that she would lose a daughter so young. The catch was that she didn’t have to. She used the last of her fortune to pay the witch doctor for this service, although unbeknownst to what was in store.

Cora lost a part of herself when she came back. The monster she had become drove her to the point of suicide. After an unsuccessful attempt, her mother took her north into British Columbia where they disappeared and lived a quiet life. Her mother died of tuberculosis shortly before the second World War ended.

After her mother’s death, Cora disappeared to South America. She traveled around learning how to cover her tracks and making some mistakes along with way. She returned to the U.S. twenty years later and settled in Philadelphia. Cora found her fortune in the nightlife industry when the disco scene exploded. She acquired a vast amount of wealth in a short period of time that ended abruptly with the death of disco. Unable to afford her lifestyle here, she moved to Japan where she opened a club. It wasn’t until the millennium that she returned to the U.S. again where she has stayed since.

A New Orleans native, she returned over a year ago to work as a manager at the Dungeon after a failed nightclub venture in New York City.




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