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Dante Chambers
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• Bold || Dante has never been one to hold back, a trait that has gotten him into more than his fair share of trouble throughout his life. Adventurous and often reckless, he wants to experience everything there is to experience and doesn't mind stepping out of his comfort zone when no one else is willing. "Nothing ventured, nothing gained" is a adage he subscribes to and you will never find him sitting on the sidelines or playing the role of wallflower. Rather, he wants to be right in the middle of the action, living life to the fullest.

• Practical || To Dante, the world is meant to be felt and experienced. Truth is stranger than fiction, and he prefers to see and do rather than contemplate “what-ifs”. Although he's best known for being the life of any party, that doesn't mean he's incapable of taking things seriously, especially when it comes to his friends. Not one to get emotionally invested in problems, Dante is the type of buddy others can count on to give straight-forward, honest advice without feeding into anxiety.

• Excellent People Skills || To put it simply, Dante is a people person. An extrovert in every sense of the word, he doesn't do well alone and has an ever-growing group of friends to prove it. Talkative and witty, he never runs out of things to discuss, and is quick to call people up to make plans if he's left sitting idle for too long. For him, happiness and satisfaction stem from the time he spends with the people he enjoys being with.
• Easily Bored || Without constant excitement, Dante finds ways to create it himself. Risky behavior, self-indulgence, and the pleasures of the moment over long-term plans are all things he gets into a little too often. Possessing a generally short attention span, those hoping to keep the witch interested and engaged must ensure he's kept entertained. Those who fail to make an impression are quickly forgotten. This isn't intentional, rather, Dante's brain just auto deletes the memory of anything or anyone who fails to excite him.

• Poor Long-Term Planner || Dante rarely makes detailed plans for the future. To him, things come as they come, and he seldom bothers taking the time to lay out steps or consider the consequences, believing things could change at any moment – even those that can be planned. As a result, he's terrible with money, prone to purchasing things on a whim and spending his paychecks down to his last pennies. The acronym "YOLO" was basically created to describe Dante, as he doesn't slow down long enough to weigh the pros and cons of his actions. Only when it bites him in the ass does he pause to reflect on his behavior, and really, it's only to have a good pity party.

• Unfocused || Anything that requires long-term dedication and focus is a particular challenge for Dante. Despite being nearly thirty, he lacks any real sense of responsibility or clear direction or goals. He's perfectly content living in his one bedroom apartment, working at Lucky Hand, and going out until all hours of the night. While he can certainly look at others and appreciate their hard work and motivation, he doesn't have that sort of drive within himself.
Nickname D
Played by Don Benjamin
Age 29 (December 3, 1989)
Sign Sagittarius
Height 6ft. 1in. (185.42 cm)
Weight 165 lbs (74.8 kg)
Occupation Tarot & Palm Reader
Employer The Lucky Hand
Species Witch
Affiliation House of Laurier
Sexuality Heterosexual
Status In a Relationship with Freedom
• Affectionate • Flippant • Free-Spirited • Fun-Loving • Irresponsible
• Optimistic • Original • Outspoken • Resourceful • Social
No Information
No Information
Favorite Cuz & Coven Ma
Witch in House of Laurier
Owner & Instructor at Nataraja Dance

Brotha from Anotha Motha
Homicide Detective with NOLA PD
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