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• Gregarious, social, charming
• Experienced witch
• Knowledgeable appraiser of artifacts & antiquities
• Overly confident, often unknowingly arrogant or full of himself
• Engrossed in his business so much, he's willing to bend the rules to succeed.
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Played by Ranveer Singh
Age 36 (July 29, 1981)
Sign Leo
Height 5ft. 10in. (177.8 cm)
Weight 180 lbs (81.6 kg)
Occupation Artifacts Dealer
Employer Purohit Enterprises
Species Inactive Account
Affiliation House of Laurier
Sexuality Heterosexual
Status Betrothed
Gregarious • Cunning • Intelligent • Learned
Kiaan takes much pride in his history, and all the hard work his family went through to build a successful business from the lives of poor, out of work farmers. He is loyal and honorable, putting his family first in all things. While these days it may have gone out of style, he still believes in arranged marriage, in allowing his mother's wisdom to select the woman for him.

His work is his joy, ambition a driving force in his life. It gives him a sense of purpose and accomplishment, not only for the good reputation of his family but for the joy each of his pieces gives each new owner.

Being the face of his family's company, he's a natural leader. He is used to being the center of attention, giving speeches, wooing clients. He makes an impression the minute he enters a room with his easy smile and warm demeanor. It's hard not to like him. He could persuade you to give up your most prized possession. While he works hard he also knows how to throw a party, an ever gracious host. This warmth is often said to be a reflection of his internal flame, being a fire witch.

The few who dislike him, often find him arrogant, but he's far from malevolent. While he may skirt the rules when it comes to the origins of some of his pieces, he otherwise tries to do the right thing.

His compassion is boundless, as he invests his family's fortune in charities and local community projects. He even serves on local non-for-profit boards and foundations in his spare time.

He uses his creative side in creating his spells, which often require he design his jewelry in very specific ways, pick out the perfect rare stones, like fitting the pieces of a puzzle. This creativity also seeps into his love life, as he's always thinking of new and inventive ways to sweep his lady off her feet. Gifts are always both expensive and thoughtful, romance never forgotten.

Once he decides who or what he wants, he will go to the ends of the earth to get it, or to make them happy. But while he has had the opportunity for love time and time again, he is very selective in those he dates. His effort isn't wasted on every person that passes in and out of his life.

At the end of the day, he wants to find that one person... to have children, to continue his family line. He's great with kids, never too busy to play a round of cops and robbers or give a piggy-back ride. He can easily be found running around with his sister's numerous rug-rats.

Generally, he's a pretty active person, not at traditional gyms, but through his love of the outdoors. He is a glutton for hiking, taking his camera to document his many adventures. To charm his clients he also threw himself into learning the essentials of the upper crust: golf, skiing, tennis, squash, etc. He is constantly weaving together work and play.
Kiaan was born to a wealthy family in the city of Surat in the Indian state of Gujarat. Surat is known nowadays for being the epicenter of the diamond industry. Gujarati diamond cutters, emigrating from East Africa, established the industry in 1901 and by the 1970s, Surat-based diamond cutters began exporting stones to the US for the first time.

In the early 1960s, when the diamond industry was still in its infancy, most of the traders and diamond workers in Surat were Jains (a community from Palanpur, North Gujarat). However, in the early 1970s, Kathiawaris, farmers suffering from recurrent droughts in Kathiawar, a peninsula in western India and part of the Saurashtra region, came to Surat and entered the diamond industry in hopes of changing their fortunes. They began working as diamond polishers in units owned by Jains. They would work hard, labor intensive 12-14 hour days.

Kiaan's grandfather, and later his father were some of those workers. Kiaan's father, Arjun was born in 1959 in Kathiawar. Kiaan's grandfather, Satvik, now deceased, brought his family to Surat as part of this shift in industry hoping for a better life. As Arjun grew up, he quickly began to help his father, and together they paved their way in the industry.

Like many Kathiawaris at the time, they were extremely hardworking and soon developed expertise in diamond cutting and polishing. After a while, instead of working in other people's units, they started employing the cutters themselves. They also brought in their relatives, and gradually expanded their businesses.

The cutting and polishing units in Surat vary from large firms employing several thousands of diamond cutting and polishing workers to very small informal enterprises having a few workers. The Purohit family's operation grew from an informal enterprise into a booming firm with impressive employment conditions for the region, and they even provided for elaborate benefits.

Meanwhile, the Purohit family was much more than they seemed, having become influential members of a coven local to Surat. Their line had been practicing witches for centuries, and their jewels sometimes were even more rare than humans knew. For the right price, they used ancient magic to bespell the pieces, selling them to high-end supernatural clientele. To this day, his family is one of the few that have preserved the art of creating Daylighter rings, although that is not a fact they make public knowledge.

In 1979, Arjun married at the age of 20 at the insistence of his family. Like all the men in his family it was arranged and the woman chosen to increase their family's status and solidify alliances within the community. Her name was Diya and she was only 15 years old. Times were different then, as it was long before the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act of 2006 which would later require a woman be 18 to marry. Thus, the young girl became a wife shortly after puberty, and later birthed a son not more than a year later.

In 1980, Kiaan was born. He would be the first of five children. Sisters Kavya, Leela, Maya, and then young brother Sai would later follow. When he was a teen, his fire element flared to life and he was initiated into his family's coven as his relatives before him. He began learning to bespell objects and use his flame to forge some of his own hand-made designs.

In the recession of 2008, while many of the small and medium-sized CPD units were closed down and laid-off workers, Purohit enterprises managed to retain their workforce. This was primarily because of Satvik's paternal approach, by which he considered his workers extended family members...

As a community, the Kathiawaris today control over 50% of the diamond trade in Surat, but none as reknowned as the Purohit family who own the largest Kathiawaris cutting, polishing, and trading company. The Jains, however, are still a reputable force in the sector. They continue to dominate the trading part of diamond trade in Mumbai as well as in the international hubs such as Antwerp. Thus, the competition for the Purohits is never ending.

The diamonds that are polished at Surat are traded at India's sole diamond exchange, Bharat Diamond Bourse (BDB) in Mumbai. Therefore, to enter the trading world they set up offices there as well.

New Delhi is where Kiaan eventually attended college at the age of 16. He attended University of New Delhi, about an hour and a half plane ride away from home, where he received a degree in finance and commerce. Then, he returned home and attended a local diamond institute where he underwent a 59 week program to become certified as a Qualified Jems and Jewelry Professional.

After college, when Kiaan was in his early twenties he moved to Mumbai to act as the face of his father's company, to broker trades in their offices in the BDB. It is home to some 2,500 small and large diamond traders in addition to the Custom House, banks and other service providers who cater to the gems and jewelry trade.

When he came to Mumbai, his family connections introduced him to a local coven where he could continue to practice his craft. It was there he met Devika King, a beautiful young dancer and talented witch, when she moved there to study dance in 2004. She caught his eye immediately, but she was already involved with someone else, so his attraction to her went unacknowledged. As their friendship grew through nights studying and honing their craft or exploring the bustling metropolis, their parents whispered and schemed about one day joining their family line.

In 2005 Kiaan negotiated the acquisition of Franco Gorfman diamond jewelry, a US company which provided entry to US National Retailers. The family began to negotiations to move the business to the US markets. Two years later he brokered a majority partnership in two of America's leading vendors and owners of the 120 year old luxury bridal jewelry brand.

In 2008 he moved to NYC to continue his work with their partners overseas. That same year Devika left Mumbai to pursue her studies in Pennsylvania. It wasn't until they were apart that Kiaan realized he had fallen so hard for her. He missed her greatly, and continued to stay in touch.

Over the years, he expanded his family's enterprise into other rare items, focusing not only on jewels, but artifacts and antiquities. For the most part, his pieces are obtained through legal channels, abiding by national regulations, allowing for the scientific study of the artifacts in order to study the archaeological and anthropological context.

However, others are not exactly legal, the result of unauthorized and unregulated excavations, and traded covertly. In those rare instances he has been known to dabble with black market traders of illicit antiquities supplied by looting and art theft, or unearthed at archaeological digs and transported internationally. He acts as a middleman between these extractions, supplying the artifacts to unsuspecting collectors, museums, antique dealers, and auction houses. However, he's careful not to indulge in the darker side of his industry too often and only when the price is right. Keeping his family's good name pristine is of utmost importance.

In 2013, Devika re-entered his life. However, by that time he was neck deep in a forbidden romance. Sarah was a lawyer in NYC, ambitious and smart, but his family was resistant because she came from a white Christian family and wasn't a witch. Devika and Kiaan saw each other several times while she lived in NYC, but Kiaan's true feelings that had developed in Mumbai were never mentioned as he had let her go in his pursuit of Sarah.

In late 2013 he went public with their relationship and by early 2014 he had proposed marriage. Unfortunately, it wasn't long before things with Sarah began to sour. She spent the better part of that year trying to earn their respect with little success. She began to lash out, disrespecting his parents and his traditions. She began to stay out late, deceptive about where she'd been. Then jewels began to go missing from his work-shops. She made purchases she couldn't explain. Finally, the manager of one of his stores caught her red handed, presenting him with the video tape. By late 2015, he broke off their engagement... He came to realize she'd only ever been in love with his family's fortune. It broke his heart, and what was worse, the whole city reminded him of her.

He returned to Surat leaned on his family who said they "told him so" several times, but were supportive. He told them he needed to get out of the city, to take a break from the hustle of New York... but while they would let him lick his wounds for a time, they wanted him back to work and over her as quickly as possible. His mother began to renew her old schemes with the Kings.

Meanwhile, he went back to work in Surat, menial labor that his father thought beneath him. It was the quiet life Kiaan needed to mend his broken heart, but admittedly he grew restless.

Before he knew it, his father was proposing they expand their business to New Orleans. Little did he know, mostly because of his mother's encouragement. So they started negotiating contracts in NOLA and setting things in motion. The Kings assured his family the coven would accommodate him; his expertise in be-spelling objects made him a valuable addition.

In late 2017 he moved to New Orleans and opened a branch of his family's business, the face of their market of jewels, artifacts, and antiquities, reuniting with Devika King.

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