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• Resilient fighter and enforcer.
• Weapons expert.
• Loyal member of the Moretti Crime Family.
• Street smart.
• Blinded by his hatred of werewolf vermin.
• Fears his father, having been beaten regularly as a child. He became a bully as a teen to hide how broken he was.
• Honestly, he's not that smart. He hulk smashes his way through most situations.
Nickname Lio
Played by Jon Bernthal
Age 37 (Nov 12, 1980)
Sign Scorpio
Height 6ft 1in (185.42 cm)
Weight 190lbs (86.2 kg)
Occupation Dock Worker
Employer Lorenzo Moretti
Species Inactive Account
Affiliation Moretti Crime Family
Sexuality Heterosexual
Status Single
Brute • Violent • Meathead • Resilient • Street Smart
Lio is a Capo in the Moretti Crime Family and son of Underboss, Victor De Luca. His father's reputation in the underworld, not only as a ruthless hitman but as Lorenzo Moretti's best friend, is much for Lio to live up to. This burden weighs heavy on Lio's shoulders.

He grew up in the life and is no stranger to violence. He was fighting kids twice his size in elementary school just to impress his father. If he came home with a black eye, Vito would ask if the other kid looked worse. Regardless of the truth, the answer would always be yes and Vito would inevitably smile with approval.

Vito is a cruel man who raised his children 'by the hand.' If they stepped out of line they got beat, typically with whiskey on his breath and a belt in his hand. He believes fear earns respect... and he'd be damned if his children didn't respect him.

Lio would take all of his punishment if he could shield his younger siblings, which meant he rarely had a healed hide. This bred a ruthless, vindictive streak in Lio. While a better man may have used this to become better, to never be that man... Lio is not that man.

Since he lacked any power over his circumstances, he enacted power on those weaker than himself. If he couldn't control his father, he would control everyone else in his life... until eventually... Like father, like son.

This mentality bleeds into his relationships. He is insanely jealous and untrusting. He may claim he'd never put a hand on a woman, but give him a few whiskeys and that false morality tends to slip. He seems nice at first, saying the right words and buying gifts. Then, once his girls realize the truth and leave, he loses his mind, often stalking or harassing them.

He was tormented by the one man every son is supposed to think will always love them, and thus rejection is not something he manages well. He turns vulgar and insulting quick. No one leaves Lio De Luca.

As a child, Lio grew up during a tumultuous time in the Moretti Crime Family's history.

In 1993, when he was thirteen, his father was scooped up on criminal charges much like the rest of the Morettii Crime Family, leaving Lio, his younger siblings, and his mother alone for several years. Honestly, those were some of their best days as a family. Lio was no longer subject to regular drunken beatings and his mother wasn't scared all the time. While he was away, his father was treated like a god and the family well cared for... but it was a hard time for business and life was far from lavish.

In 1994, Angelo Costi took over the family's affairs... but with the key players behind bars it was a time of strife and turf wars. Other criminal outfits encroached on their territory, stole their business, forced them to cling to power through brute force.

While he would often hear tales of Agosto Moretti, the infamous Don that had built their family into a kingdom before the feds crippled their enterprises, they were just stories. The life he knew was hard, his keep earned through blood and sacrifice.

His father was released in 1999 and was appalled at what had become of the family. He hated Costi, but lacked the clout to overthrow him. So instead he took his anger out on Lio, always critiquing his work, testing his skill, questioning his decisions, blaming him for shortcomings he could never voice to Costi.

In 2003, when Lio was twenty-three and a seasoned soldier, Lorenzo was released from prison. With Vito's help, he challenged for leadership. His father was Lorenzo's boyhood friend, and he was eager to finally rid them all of Costi. Vito backed Lorenzo before The Commission, securing his place at his side.

Despite his father's constant criticism, as Lio grew into a man he was rewarded with more and more respect within the family. While he may never be good enough for his father, in reality, he was good at the mayhem required of him. He earned his place through brutal force. If someone needed 'taken care of' or the family needed 'information,' they'd send Lio. He brought back results.

Thus, when they entered the anti-werewolf weapons trade, Lio was a natural choice. It was a dangerous business, but he took to it with a fervor. He cultivated and nurtured their ties to the Italian Mob, earning the good graces of arms dealer, Antonio Bellucci through his daughter, Francesca, who agreed to supply them with the weaponry they needed to meet local demand.

Once that industry took off, he made more and more contacts in the underworld that had a taste for wolf-blood. He himself took on a few hits aimed at the wolf population and got rather good at hunting them. He learned to target rogues, newly turned, those that were isolated from the safety of a pack.

Naturally, this turned into a new business plan. Not only could he sell guns, but he could harness his eager clientele and give an old sport a new twist. Their family had a hand in the dog fighting world way back in the day. He brought it back to life, but this time with a new animal... werewolves.

He began to host events where they would fight to the death in a sound proof room in the back room of the Penthouse Club, a business his family already was successfully running. The room is cavernous with a dirt pit and two levels of surrounding stadium seating. It's where the weapons deals are made and bets are placed... and afterwards his clients often enjoy a drink and a lap dance at the club.
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