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> Mason has the usual strengths and abilities of a guide - though he particularly specialises in 'Shapeshifting' and 'Communicating With Spirits and Ghosts'. When it comes to shapeshifting, Mason has the ability to shift into a bear. His family has Canadian blood, and from the very start the blood-line had adapted and taken on the 'bear' gene. It also often meant that the men were all gifted with muscle and bushy-beards to match.

> Since a young age, he was able to see those who had failed to cross between that of the physical and spiritual realm, like most guides; though Mason's visions were much more vivid and often caused him to wake up screaming for his parents. Though over time these 'visions' became much more clear and soon he was able to distinct (with the help of his parents) what the apparitions were. Over time he was able to develop this ability to the point where he can maintain a civil conversation with most souls and ghosts, calming them.

> Communication: Mason has very good communication skills, like most guides do. He got used to talking and socialising at a young age and has been an expert at it since, though this does mean that sometimes people misinterpret what he means to say, especially at The Dungeon.

> Creative: He has a creative mind and isn't afraid to use it, whether that be at work in the booths, or simply at home wanting a new wall-decoration. He is a handyman that - well - likes to use his hands.
> Mason also has the usual weaknesses and limitations that a guide has. He can die like a normal human: ages, isn't immune to disease and sickness, and much more. He also has a risk of dying if he spends too much time in the spirit-realm, though most guides know that as it can be rather draining.

> Two Faced: As much as he hates to admit he, he lives two lives. Whenever he is at The Dungeon he is a rather cold man (master as some like to say) and he does what needs to be done to get the money, but when he's at home or in public he changes to a much more kind and caring teddy-bear.

> Arachnophobia: A big man scared of spiders? Pft, Mason has the biggest fear of spiders out there. If he sees a cobweb he will run, if not yell and curse his head off. He still remembers the day he went to a Halloween party and got stuck in fake cotton-candy cobwebs.
Nickname Mace
Played by Franggy Yanez
Age 25 (20th of April, 1991)
Sign Cancer
Height 6ft. 1in. (186 cm)
Weight 187 lbs (85 kg)
Occupation Bartender
Employer The Dungeon
Species Inactive Account
Affiliation N/A
Sexuality Bisexual (Biromantic)
Status Single
Charismatic, Caring, Empathetic, Open-Minded, Stern, Teddy-Bear, Protective
When it comes to personality, Mason is usually the one that you find organizing professional parties or hosting dinners – he’s the one wanting to initiate conversations no matter how awkward it is. He tends to have no shame in himself and his actions, though that weirdly doesn’t make him self-centered and ignorant. Mason thrives off the enjoyment that others get from him, that’s why he often finds himself always asking questions like: ‘Are you okay?’ ‘Did I say something offensive?’ He doesn’t like to hold grudges against people, and vice-versa. Because of this he is often described as a kind and caring man, one that likes to keep others safe – probably where his bear side comes in.

Some people are shocked to hear that Mason works at a sexual-fetish bar, known as The Dungeon. Though they aren’t surprised when they hear that he is a bartender. Sometimes he wonders why he was put to the side in the bar, maybe to attract women and men who like rugged, masculine men. Then again he’s often called a ‘lumberjack’ and he doesn’t really get where the generalization comes from. He is often described as ‘two-faced’, in a good and a bad way. When at work he is stern and serious, like a master should be, then when you catch him off-guard he is a kind and caring man that wants nothing more than a hug.

People tend to manipulate him because he is so easily swayed, and his main goal is to make friends. This often leads to him getting involved with the wrong people in more ways than one – though in the end Mason always tends to make it. He is protective and wants nothing but the best for those that he cares about: coworkers, friends, family (not that he has any), and anyone that comes to the club. He is one for safety and the wellbeing of others, and nothing seems to change his mind about his morals – not even in the booths. He will be respectful of people’s boundaries and will always be there for them to talk to.

When it comes to his flaws he is often gullible and tends to act without the permission of others. He has a creative mind and if something doesn’t happen the way that he likes it then he often is rather vocal, though respectful. Some people don’t like that, and it doesn’t really bother him.

Mason’s mother was a guide, and when his father married her he knew what he was getting himself into. Texas was a big place, so growing up was rather difficult, especially being surrounded by so many of the ‘living’ folks. Mason liked to think that his mother and father were there for him, when they truly weren’t. His father was a broker and his mother worked long-hours at a nearby local school, earning money for the family. It meant that he was often attending after/before school-care, or with a babysitter. Early life, looking back at it, was nothing but nightmare fuel that could give flame to a Sam Raimi horror film – full of visions and what-not.

Since a young age, Mason could see the dead; those that had failed to pass from the physical realm to the ‘afterlife’ as his mother liked to call it. He received little support from her, mainly because she’d experienced the same with her parents (Mason’s grandparents). He had to navigate all his newfound abilities by himself, independently. Some would now say that being so independent so early in his life played a big part in who he was today, his personality and being. And Mason would have to say that he agreed.

School was average. Mason was the kid that liked to keep to himself and do things his own way, whether people liked it or not. As he progressed through childhood he realised that it probably wasn’t the best attitude to have. He did well with his work, trying his hardest in all areas of his subject-choices. At the age of sixteen, Mason landed himself a job working at a small home-depot like store in his hometown, one that supplied metal-sheeting to carpenters and builders from all around the place. It meant that he was surrounded by men double his size, and to add to it all, they were part of a witch coven. Mason would look back at it as a positive enforcement for him, since his parents had no part in his life and most things were done by himself. Being around witches that helped him to grow as a guide – despite the fact that the two were completely different species.

They opened his eyes to the supernatural world, introducing him to the supernaturals that didn’t want to rip his own head off – the ones that didn’t want to feast on his blood or kill him for money. Mason finished high-school and moved to do a mixology course at a university, which soon landed him a job in a tavern. At such a young age he was exposed to things most kids weren’t, not that it really got on his nerves. As for all the ‘guide’ business, the visions had grown much more vivid and he was nearly able to fully communicate with the dead – though he was still in the process of learning and harnessing his powers through reading books and making friends with more local witches (and having a relationship with one of them).

It wasn’t until Mason was twenty-three that life really was shaken up and turned upside down – in good and bad ways. He met Cora, the first ghoul he’d ever seen. Things started at the bar he was working at: an occasional fling, quick calls over phones – and slowly it got more serious. Mason didn’t really know If he’d call it a relationship, but when Cora called it off he knew that it was. It wasn’t until three weeks after their separation (in the time Mason hadn’t seen her once), he got a call from his boss telling him he was fired for various reasons. Mason was confused, thinking back on his three years at the bar he hadn’t once done anything wrong, except for receiving a blowjob in the storage room.

Mason was looking for work in his hometown, but it wasn’t until he got a call from Cora offering him a job in New Orleans. The job was ‘mysterious’, yet Cora guaranteed that he’d be paid well for his services. Within a month Mason had his things packed and was on a flight to New Orleans.

The job was at The Dungeon, and at the time Mason was twenty-four – he’d harnessed his powers as a guide and knew how to control them to the extent he could cross into the spirit realm successfully, and talk to the ghosts and spirits around him. The job was… Different. Mason was soon thrown behind a bar, shirtless, being told to talk seductively and convince people to go to a booth, or take them to one and give them a ‘good time’. It all seemed pretty illegal to Mason at the start, but as time passed he got used to things.

Things between him and Cora were confusing. At times he’d think they were fine, then next minute they were one edge with each other. Mason just kept his head high, did his job well and tried his best to not get on her bad side. It wasn’t long before they decided to keep it a FWB type relationship/friendship, and in a sense it cleared things up between them. Now Mason tries his hardest to keep things together at the workplace, at home, and within himself. Work has become a breeze, and something that he enjoys. Life is currently looking up at the blue-sky and so is his future. Now he just has to survive the chaos to come.
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