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• Psychopath || A textbook psychopath, Jaxon displays all of the standard traits: extremely charming, lacking in remorse, highly arrogant, a risk-talker, and manipulator. These have served him well in his chosen profession, as it frequently requires deceit to achieve the desired results. Lies roll off his tongue as fluently as the truth and he's so proficient at this ability that he's seldom suspected of being untruthful.

• High Spatial Awareness || Jaxon possesses a highly-developed understanding of the relationship between objects when there is a change in their position in space. He thinks in three dimensions, allowing him to visualize objects from different angles and recognize them no matter the perspective that he sees them from. This skill aids him in just about everything, from thieving, to assessing schematics, to mapping out plans, drawing up blueprints, to maneuvering vehicles at high speeds.

• Picking Locks & Cracking Safes || Talents such as these have their roots in petty thievery. As a child, Jaxon learned how to pick the pockets of unsuspecting victims. Each time he successfully got away with one of these crimes, it built confidence and fostered a desire to hone his skills. This expanded to include picking locks and eventually cracking safes. At this point in his life, he is deft at security circumvention. He views every safe as a fun puzzle to solve, eagerly anticipating the release of the latest, high-tech security systems for the sake of a new challenge.

• Self-Reliant || Although the beast within him has always craved connectivity that only comes from belonging to a pack, Jaxon, the man has never needed anyone. He's always managed to survive, no matter how seemingly difficult the circumstances. "Do what you have to do" has been his lifelong mantra and he has never felt an ounce of remorse for doing just that. It's a dog-eat-dog world out there and those who don't look out for themselves, get chewed up and spit out.
• Poor Impulse Control || It is said that money makes the world go round and this is certainly true for Jaxon. There is nothing the Aussie thief loves more than money. It motivates almost everything that he does. A member of the have-nots growing up on the streets of Redcliffe, he was envious of those who possessed power, wealth, and privilege. Generally uncertain where his next meal was coming from, he did what was necessary to survive. He robbed, stole, lied, cheated...and that sense of needing to hustle to survive has not left him in over two-hundred years. When presented with an opportunity to acquire greater wealth or get his hands on something of value that can turn a sizable profit, it's near impossible for Jaxon to resist.

• Skewed Emotional Response/Expression || Jaxon does not experience the same depth of emotion that most people feel. This isn't to say that he is void of emotion altogether, but rather that his by comparison are quite shallow. This makes him slow to react or unresponsive to the needs of others. He experiences no remorse and cannot comprehend true empathy. However, while this might shield him from emotional pain, it forces him to work harder than everyone else to decipher and understand the feelings of others. When you do not experience certain feelings yourself, how do you make sense of them in others? Therefore, he mimics the emotions of those around him, attempting to imitate a broad emotional spectrum that he really has no grasp of. Occasionally these attempts do not completely hit the mark and come off almost satirical.

•Nihilistic || Molded by an environment that lacked any sort of mortality, Jaxon has developed quite the nihilistic view of life. He doesn't subscribe to the concept of right and wrong, believing these to be a social constructs created by religious institutions to repress the masses. To him, there is no time but the present and for that reason he doesn't hesitate to act on impulse, doing whatever he feels led to do at the time, regardless of the consequences or who it might hurt. While this sometimes pays off for him, it can also backfire horrifically, and has bitten him in the ass on more than a few occasions.
Nickname Jax
Played by Oliver Jackson-Cohen
Age 227 (June 10, 1790)
Sign Gemini
Height 6ft. 3in. (190.5 cm)
Weight 168 lbs (76.2 kg)
Occupation Thief
Employer Self-Employed
Species Werewolf
Affiliation Apex Pack
Sexuality Heteroflexible
Status Single
• Adaptable • Cold • Cunning • Deceitful • Disloyal
• Highly Intelligent • Manipulative • Rapacious • Silver-Tongued • Two-Faced
Possessing the gift of gab, it's hard to not be pulled into a conversation with Jaxon. Those who know not of his background and psyche, immediately find themselves drawn to how comfortable he makes them feel. Almost everyone who encounters him describes Jax as friendly and pleasant. He enjoys talking, engaging in conversations that range from intellectually stimulating verbal repartee, to discussions about politics, books, movies, and pop culture, all with extensive knowledge. He flows smoothly from topic to topic, seeming to take genuine interest in whoever he’s speaking with at the time, whether this is actually the case or not. He projects sincerity with practiced ease, his congenial smile effortlessly deceiving people of the malicious intent often hidden within his jewel hued eyes.

He has been a proficient liar all of his life, so skillful he habitually blurs the line between deceit and the truth, even in his own mind. To Jaxon, lying is much like a second language, frequently utilized even when he possesses no ulterior motive. If one were to ask him who taught him to drive for example, he might reply with something like, “a taxi driver in Istanbul” without ever having been to Istanbul. There’s no real purpose for the lie, he loses nothing by admitting the truth, yet he opts to deceive, either for the purposes of personal amusement or to maintain the upper hand should the revelation of such a detail prove fatal later. The glibness he employs to manipulate those around him has remained a tried and trusted tool, effectively ensnaring those he later victimizes.

Formerly a grifter, he sifts through gathered information quickly and intuitively, mentally filing away what he believes will prove useful to him while discarding the rest. His ability to accurately recall this info verbatim when it benefits him (sometimes years later), is impressive to say the least. He prefers charm and cajolery to force and persuasion when getting what he wants. Though it doesn’t mean that he is incapable of the latter. For the most part, he appears to be extremely calm and patient, very seldom flaring up. However, there is always something dangerous and malicious bubbling beneath his seemingly nonchalant demeanor. Those caught off-guard on the rare occasion he switches from Jekyll to Hyde are often unsure of what to make of it, nor how to react to him. When this occurs he can be immensely sharp, his words acidic and laced with verbal poison. However, as he detests such loss of control, these episodes are few and far between, most never witnessing one.

When deep in the throes of work, Jaxon is oblivious to the world outside and beyond him. He becomes single-mindedly focused on the heist or robbery at hand, meticulously planning every detail of his infiltration and escape. Here he permits no room for error, leaves no possibility or variable unconsidered. Plans A & B? Yes, along with plans C through Z. This is why those who seek him out for employment purposes are willing to pay an obscene amount of money to ensure he handles the job personally. He is precise and efficient, leaving no trace behind. He lives for his work, but more importantly for the wealth that it affords him. There is nothing that captivates Jaxon’s attention more than an opportunity to make money.

The same can't be said for when he loses interest in a project, a person, or a conversation. Many women have felt the brunt of his meandering affection. If they’re too easily manipulated, he will inevitably lose respect for them and subsequently interest. Contrarily, the odd person who can see through him completely is deemed too much of a liability to continue association with. Those who do manage to hold his fickle attention are pursued with vigor and obsessive persistence until they cease to remain a challenge. The rare exception to this pattern would perhaps be one Jaxon could view as an equal, but he has significant doubts that such a person exists, as no one could feasibly be as clever as he is. Overall, most people he crosses paths with are deemed little more than disposable pawns, easily used then discarded, as nearly every relationship Jaxon sets out to initiate begins with the simple question: how will it benefit me?

In group settings, when boredom strikes, he enjoys creating chaos and conflict, sparking infighting for his own entertainment. This is done carefully, through planting seeds of doubt and nurturing them behind the scenes. Since he has a knack for garnering people’s trust, they never suspect him of being more than a concerned friend. The reality is Jaxon has no true confidantes. He trusts no one but himself and despises situations in which he is forced to rely upon others. During pack missions, he’s a wild card, effective if he sticks to the plan, but often veering off script. Typically this improvisation still works out quite well for him, but it can be disorienting for those who are left uncertain whether he’s going to leave them in the lurch.
1790 - New South Wales, Australia // Born in the first established penal colony in Australia, Jaxon (then spelled Jackson) grew up among the discarded misfits and criminals of Great Britain. As such, he never quite developed anything resembling a moral compass. His early years were spent dabbling in petty theft and trickery.

1807 - 1809 - New South Wales, Australia // By the time he was in his late teens, he’d charmed his way into high society, mastering the craft of mimicking the elegance of the elites as he played lover and confidante to the wives of busy aristocrats. One small mistake however, and the house of cards he created, magnificent despite his flippant demeanor, came crashing down. All thanks to betrayal within his inner circle, jealous of his Machiavellian nature and covetous of the material success and wealth he gained from playing the elites like fools.

1809 - New South Wales, Australia // He was caught, imprisoned, and tortured; an exhaustive list of derogatory terms that meant nothing to him, branded into the expanse of his back. Though abused physically, it did nothing to wipe the smirk on his face or dim the defiance in his eyes. He was only nineteen then, caged in the deep recesses of prison for eight years before his exile. His body, the lean column of man and boy that was once his pride, nothing more than skeletal by the time he was cast out with only a sack for clothes.

1817 - New South Wales, Australia // He staggered, crawled and stumbled his way to Scarborough where Isla found him. It is not known what sort of fascination the she-wolf held for the young man; intrigued perhaps by his resilience and the scars on his back that marked a past of debauchery, deceit, and sin. When he was strong enough, she turned him.

1818 - New South Wales, Australia // After joining her pack, he would spend the next year under her watchful eye, learning to control his new nature. However, the affection she extended toward him was not shared by her alpha, Burgess, privy to the rampant thoughts interspersed with violence, vanity, and greed that simmered in Jaxon’s head. He had cause to be concerned, for Jaxon had begun systematically exacting his revenge on those who’d found perverse pleasure in defiling his body, one at a time.

1819 - 1828 - New South Wales // Jaxon’s ability to manipulate and charm those around him aided in turning some of the pack against their alpha. By the time 1828 rolled around, he and four others (William Blackstone, George Farrell, James Dingle, & John Wilford) left the Scarborough pack and formed their own. Jaxon had systematically secured the loyalty of these men for a specific purpose, each possessing certain skills that would prove useful to him in just a few short months.

14 September, 1828 - Bank of Australia Robbery, Sydney // The five tunneled through a sewage drain into the vault of the Bank of Australia in George Street, Sydney and stole some £14,000 in promissory notes and coins. The crime was discovered the following day; Blackstone, Farrell, and Dingle immediately picked up by law enforcement; their loyalty to Jax keeping them quiet. Wilford was found dead a few weeks later, while Jaxon had wisely fled the country, abandoning his alias (Valentine Rourke) at the time.

1829 - 1909 -- Paris, France // His wolf’s need for community led Jaxon to join a pack out of necessity and convenience upon arriving in Paris. While he did opt to purchase a flat in the city, he elected to save the majority of the money he’d slipped away with. He continued honing his skills as a thief, becoming more sophisticated with every heist while developing a reputation among the morally bankrupt. Soon he was being sought out for jobs, stealing everything from heirlooms, jewels, artifacts, and priceless pieces of art for those willing to pay the price.

1910 - 1968 -- United States of America // By 1910, having grown tired of Paris, Jaxon crossed the pond for a change of scene. With every move, securing a pack was always first priority. His ability to manipulate and charm his way in and out of situations, earning him quick acceptance among the ranks wherever he sought refuge. However, it would always remain a matter of convenience versus loyalty, as he continued pursuing his own interests on the side, frequently spending extended periods away until his wolf’s need for reconnection began bordering on intolerable, forcing him to return.

1969 -- New York City, New York // Jaxon was recruited for a heist that required him to work with four other wolves, each with different skills/expertise. Having become accustomed to working alone, he wasn’t keen about the prospect of having to rely on others to get a job done. However, the client insisted on each piece of the puzzle fitting together as one to get the theft accomplished. On the night of the heist, the group stole seven paintings, including works by Cassatt, Monet, Pissarro, and Rouault, from art dealer Stephen Hahn's Madison Avenue art gallery at an estimated value of $500,000. Ironically, Stephen Hahn had been discussing art theft with other art dealers as the theft was taking place.

1972 - 2016 // Surprisingly, the group of five, each with a preference for working alone, functioned exceptionally well as a team. They would begin coming together sporadically for heists and missions, forming their own pack of sorts, content to go their separate ways after completion only to return to each other when necessary. Together they would pull off the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts heist (Montreal; 1972), the Tucker Cross theft (Bermuda; 1975), the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum theft (Boston; 1990), Mexico City’s National Museum of Anthropology robbery (Mexico City; 1985), and the Antwerp Diamond Heist (Belgium; 2003), just to name a few.

2016-2017 New Orleans, Louisiana // Most recently, Jaxon was contracted to infiltrate the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola. A master escape artist, his mission is to aid in the escape of an incarcerated member of his client's pack. Within the walls of the LSP, he is known as Rushton Conway, a model prisoner who has posed zero trouble to staff, arrested for failing to register. A light sentence, one that would have him released in a few months if he intended to serve all of his time. His charming personality and willingness to snitch on his fellow prisoners, has helped him become chummy with certain correction officers and commissary staff. Currently, he is weighing the available options to get the job done, taking careful inventory of all of the prison cameras, at what times correction officers trade shifts, and which are least likely to pose a problem for him. With each day he is becoming more and more confident of his ability to pull this job off effectively, that is until Apex is arrested and he sets sight on Rivka Vardi.

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