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Comfortable Around Firearms: His time in the army means that David is unusually comfortable around firearms, their maintenance as well as keeping a healthy attitude of their use.

Physically Fit: Maintaining a healthy lifestyle means that if pressed David can run far and fast to chase down criminals and suspects. Also to run away from angry werewolves. At the end of the run he'll be able to do his job but he sure as hell won't thank you for it.

Tactically Minded: Able to think a few steps ahead David is one to form up a plan on the fly to fit rapidly changing circumstances where set plans from higher ups rarely fit the reality of the situation.

Skilled: Strangely David is knowledgeable in 'tradecraft'; the art of espionage, the ability to pick locks and a keen knowledge of demolitions. He passes this off as either 'Wikipedia knowledge' or a series of classes he took.
Big Hearted: David's time in Afghanistan didn't harden him. If anything the plight of the locals just looking to get on with their lives. Now back home he patrols streets were citizens, werewolf citizens, just want to get on their their own lives. While he'll follow the law to the letter he's more than willing to make their plight his own.

Headstrong: When an idea gets into his head David will go all the miles to see it through despite warnings or platitudes to dissuade him. Sometimes this means bending or breaking the rules.

Misguided Loyalty: To David loyalty is sticking through a situation thick and thin regardless of the consequences rather than being a voice of reason. This often entails him getting a rather raw hot water by higher ups when following his fellow officers into rather easily avoided but disastrous situations.
Nickname Gourdy
Played by Philip Winchester
Age 35 (April, 9th, 1982)
Sign Aries
Height 6'5"
Weight 210 lbs
Occupation Police Officer
Employer New Orleans Police Department
Species Inactive Account
Affiliation NOPD
Sexuality Heterosexual
Status Dating Leah Avery
Strong Willed, Protective, Brave, Self-Sacrificing
Without even trying to be one David often comes across as a Southern Gentleman with his manners and graces. He is not a man who seeks to actively insult or aggravate others and does his best to perform his duties as a law officer with all the dignity that the badge demands. Even while skirting authority or arresting someone he's never disrespectful.

David can come across as fussy and often checks himself in the mirror to ensure his uniform is on properly and adjusts any required corrections. He takes great pride in his job and as such his appearance when conducting it. This is sometimes projected onto others especially fellow officers who he mentally, silently, chides them for any sloppiness in how they carry themselves as if he was on a parade ground rather than the streets of a city.

David, being a man with broad shoulders, often tries to lift the world on them. He takes every issue or plight from citizens and tries to make them his own. Experience doesn't cause him to become jaded but instead he just thinks of better ways to help people deal with their problems. For him being a cop is more than just keeping score of the collars you pull into the station; it's about keeping the community safe. While aware that werewolves are more than capable of taking care of themselves he does what he can to make their lives all the easier. After all someone has to look out for the little guy.

When it comes to women it might be easier to say that David is 'awkward'. Not really one to flirt and lacking any real knowledge of cues he sort of skirts around the issue like a ship avoiding the coast. Too many complications. That's his internal excuse anyway. In truth David isn't sure how a relationship would work with his job's strange hours and air of danger.

In short David is a man who puts his money where his mouth is, would take a bullet for a friend and isn't one to let bullies slide on by without giving them a piece of his mind.
Born in St. Francisville David grew up in a typical Cajun household with a wildfire personality. Often he was seen running around causing mischief with the local children and his schoolmates which often devolved into throwing stones and 'rival' school children and getting into fights. He was known for his boisterous vitality and often following larger children into dangerous situations which meant a close calls with alligators in the Bayou.

On his eighteen birthday he enlisted in the United States Army and was slated for the 101st Airborne Division. When the division was sent into Afghanistan in 2001 he was barely out of basic training before he was being sent into the fray. David soon established himself as a work-hard soldier ready to do whatever it took to further the goals of his unit, often being the first to volunteer for difficult or dangerous tasks.

One such time was during an engagement with Taliban forces a trooper had been injured during movement along open, exposed terrain. Rather than complete the run to cover David himself ran back without a moment's thought to carry his wounded comrade back to the rest of the unit under withering fire. Miraculously he himself had not sustained any wounds by the enemy. Other examples included being the first to storm enemy-held compounds or traverse questionable paths; questionable being those suspected of being mined. His reckless abandon for his own life in the face of duty had earned him the reputation of being 'The Crazy Ragin' Cajun' among his company.

David's luck would run out however when the company was ambushed. In the opening exchange of gunfire a bullet had ripped through his arm and had shattered the bone. Unable to use his rifle he resorted to firing his sidearm while the squad medic tended to his wound. After being evacuated David spent time in a hospital while he recovered from his wounds.

His valour in combat as well as his demonstrated skills and intelligence made him a candidate for recruitment into the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta or 'Delta Force' as it is known as. As a corporal and within two and a half years of being in the Army already demonstrating his skills David was one of the prime candidates. After passing selection he undertook the six-month long Operator Training Course.

Officially David was in Iraq and Afghanistan with the 101st Airborne on detached service for military intelligence when instead his missions would take him all over the world in covert and undercover operations depending on the need of the government. When sent into the Middle East it was either to capture or kill high value targets or obtain mission critical information for other Coalition forces.

David would spend time in the Army until 2011 when he decided he had seen enough of fighting and entered the civilian life to which he adjusted poorly. While not a suffer of PTSD David found the fact that no one was actively shooting at him difficult to deal with. Danger had become part and parcel of the military way and the fact that it was absent felt like a constant calm before a storm.

He travelled a lot working as a temp-contractor for various construction companies. Most of the time it was just digging up dirt or moving things from place to place. When he returned to Louisiana he found a job that involved another uniform. With his record and military service he found the reception warm as he entered the academy in 2013.

Now as a beat cop David does what he can to keep both sides of the racial fence safe. As well as ensuring they both follow the law.

Medals and Commendations (Army)

Silver Star, Army Commendation Medal, Purple Heart, Afghanistan Campaign Medal (Four Stars), Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Good Conduct Medal, NCO Professional Development Ribbon, Army Service Ribbon, Expert Infantryman Badge, Parachutist Badge (Master), Airborne Tab, Sharpshooter Marksmanship Qualification Badge, 101st Airborne Division Combat Service Identification Badge

Medals and Commendations (New Orleans Police Department)

Letter of Commendation, Letter of Community Service, Lifesaving Medal
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